The net acquisition of nongren com complete set of domain name in pinyin

It is reported,

news June 9th, agriculture related to the domain name again bright machine public view, domain name has changed the low-key, buyers have officially opened the launch of farmers, the domain name system earlier renamed China commissioned buyers purchase platform.

nongren is to get people, farmers and other Chinese characters Pinyin, domain name as the farmer more meaningful, farmers and farmers are similar, which work in the fields of people, and in the literal sense, domain name to reflect its agriculture and agricultural products to farmers, network is an integrated platform of agricultural products.


diagram: Web page

queries about, domain name registered in June 2005, has 6 years of registration time, the domain name holder information display Shanghai Bao number information technology Co. Ltd., the network also holds CN farmers protection domains and, of which jump

agriculture is the largest industry, with its domain name Unlimited Business Opportunities, domestic agriculture, such as agricultural products such as the domain name and domain name enterprises always love lovers, such as the well-known domain name investors Cai Wensheng hand held apple, after the three agricultural products to fight the domain name main printing pass transaction price of one hundred thousand yuan etc..

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