The bank card information on the nternet is the price of reselling bank said the ghost

bank card reselling personal information at online? According to this report, the Beijing News reporter survey found in January 12th, according to the personal information of the "quality" of each different price from 2 cents to 1 cents from reselling information phenomenon is serious. In this regard, the bank also told the Beijing News reporter, if there are certain rights in the bank, personal information is almost transparent, and not too many ways for the "ghost", basically rely on moral restraint.

phone sales staff to buy the main

Beijing News reporter yesterday added a "buy personal information" of the QQ exchange group, quickly from a seller to get bank credit card customer trial data and some personal information data in Beijing area. In a reporter to get a bank credit card customer data list, a detailed record of the cardholder’s name, phone number, address and bank account 40. Reporters call a phone call Beijing, confirmed that Ms. Lee said the reporter’s name, address and credit card account bank all correct.

"I applied for a credit card in 2014 of June. It was only once, it was horrible." Ms. Lee said. Subsequently, the reporter called the phone list of about 50 people in the personal information, the information is correct 90%.

reporter learned that, according to personal information quality is different, the price is different, each price ranging from 2 cents to 1 cents. For example, the new credit card account data according to a sale of 1 wool, which even includes gold, platinum cards cardholder information; second-hand data has been sold, can be cheaper than 2 cents each.

Beijing News reporter experience for a while, with the help of online chat and payment tools, buyers from the order to get these information, the whole process only a few minutes. General mode of payment is mainly Alipay and bank transfer, even if the customer needs can provide invoices.

claiming to be from Hubei, Wuhan, QQ sellers told the Beijing News reporter, said the main buyers of these information is precious metals, trust, third party financial management, sales of coins and other telephone sales staff.

bank card department is the hardest hit

this information come from? The seller told reporters on the Beijing News, have their own professional channels, including banking, communications providers, courier companies have acquaintances, "almost all banks on the market of customers’ personal information are available".

according to the reporter, the bank card and wealth management center customer information is the effective information, is the hardest hit of information leakage.


cardholders in applying for a credit card, you need to fill in the personal income, the bank will reach a certain requirement after the number of cards, according to a survey, which have a stable income, good credit cardholder records are usually identified by the bank customers. While each bank has to sell insurance and financial products, these credit card customers often became the bank eyes "xiangbobo.

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