Dunhuang network to catch up with the Hangzhou government aimed at cross border services market


] September 2nd news billion state power network, billion state power network was informed that recently, Dunhuang signed a cooperation agreement with the Hangzhou Municipal People’s government, Dunhuang will invest in the construction of "Dunhuang net net 3 comprehensive cross-border trade platform" project in Hangzhou economic and Technological Development Zone, and plans within 5 years to achieve the service trade of more than 2000 enterprises.

Hangzhou economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee and Dunhuang CEO Wang Shutong signed a cooperation agreement


network says, China cross-border e-commerce Hangzhou Comprehensive Experimental Zone (Xiasha Park) will be combined with the development of district industry gathering area, global logistics network, University City and other related advantages and Dunhuang network in the cross-border electricity trading mode, online supply chain system and other advantages, the construction of six items, including: the "New Silk Road" transaction center, Internet financial center "New Silk Road", "New Silk Road" business incubation center "transport logistics center in the new Silk Road, cross-border e-commerce training and red APEC SME Summit International Conference on cross-border e-commerce.

billion state power network to understand, this is not the first time Dunhuang network recently with the local government and enterprises jointly organized cross-border business services project, in August 30th, the Dunhuang network and Shandong xinhuajin Group officially launched two to establish relations of cooperation and jointly organized the "Xinhua Jin Dunhuang cross-border trade service platform, with the platform, Dunhuang said in cooperation with Xinhua Kam to carry out a number of cross-border export services, including the establishment of a nationwide and export factories for M2B net loan center and carry out Internet banking, as well as the development of international trade based on P2P financial, business loans and other Internet financial services.

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