Double eleven buyers were oversold panic buying it up empty a joy

stay up late buying empty joy a week after receiving a refund SMS


Yuwei times

double eleven online shopping Carnival soon began to suck their online shopping. The day before, a lot of double eleven buyers are received from the seller refund information. One buyer told reporters produced the official Adidas shop on Saturday sent her a refund message: "you buy in eleven during the double order can not be shipped due to Taobao oversold. Please apply for a refund of lump sum order online. Please understand the inconvenience."

many buyers suffered the same situation, angry buyers in QQ spontaneously organized activist group, the number of participants nearly 300 complaints were brands including Adidas, JACK&JONES, UNIQLO, ochirly etc..

late oversold refund notice

has received "oversold" SMS is almost in November 11th at 0-2 am under the orders of the success of the buyers.

a buyer said he just before the Tmall Adidas official website on a fancy shoes, double eleven day of his early waiting in front of the computer, a zero crossing rushed in panic buying, "at that time, the system shows the time is zero one on November 11th to clinch a deal." He can not accept that, 9 days later, he was the first customer for Adidas notice "oversold", "behind me buy buyers receipt! I time-consuming panic buying cost is able to solve the return?" there are some sellers have to wait until the customer asked, to inform is oversold. She said, "beep" buyers buy ochirly clothing until 19, no prompt delivery, until she was asked to urge oversold customer service told the.

for businesses are aloof, buyers very angry: "whether it is out of stock, or oversold, why so many days after the notice?" is like JEANSWEST, I.T, JackJones, and other brands are in the customer service window romont posted in November 20th before 24 will solve the signs, but as of press 21 morning, not a business action.

oversold, is really false?

what is oversold, many sellers are not give a reasonable explanation.

‘s customer service explained that the "double eleven 0:00-2:00 points during the Taobao system crash, Tmall guide to the seller’s data is from 3 a.m. to 3 a.m., the seller can only deal with future orders." But the reporter contacted Tmall, Tmall said that the system only delays, "this delay only refers to consumers to the normal order," deny the system collapsed and said, "if the system crashes, the data is how come?" Tmall to explain oversold are explained, "when there are a large number of near zero inventory the influx of buyers, some buyers to panic buying failure situation called oversold. If the goods are oversold, the first time in buying commodities will have ‘oversold’ label, buyers will know their own panic buying failed

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