Barrage site pattern A station B station to the left right

Abstract: regardless of Youku potatoes, unity is not one, AcFun the $50 million financing, the two dimensional field can be described as a major event. How to change the

pattern of the barrage site?

August 6th, the barrage video site originator AcFun (station A) announced the completion of $50 million A round of financing, the current round of financing by Youku potatoes group led, it is understood that the fund has been fully in place, A amount of the current round of financing to create a barrage of video industry A round of financing of the.

in fact, when the mass media began to talk about the "dimension", the mainstream video sites began to add "barrage", since the first half of this year, the barrage site industry more and more attention in the industry, in the teeth of the storm, a barrage of two dimension this minority culture has become the mainstream trend.

was due to a major user barrage site — 90 who began to board the stage of history, consumption is gradually formed, showing a huge consumption potential, this group of consumer preferences and cultural property has become the object of industry research; two is that in recent years the AB station and set off a recent war between Iqiyi, Youku potatoes copyright disputes, but also to the field began to receive more media attention.

barrage site, by definition is like a cannon (full screen Tucao). The originator of this field was founded in 2006, the Japanese website NICONICO. In June 2007, China’s first video barrage station A station has developed a NICONICO like function with a barrage of player. 2 years later in June, the same type of station Bilibili (commonly known as B station) was born.

then, home also appeared in a number of sites in an attempt to mimic the AB station, but almost all of the AB station two settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, the oligopoly market basic pattern has been set, the competition also immediately started. The core advantage of this time is not a barrage of any party, more competition is the main UP, ACG resources and the Internet operation ability. In recent years the station AB scores between the story too much, here the press table, is nothing more than talent, resources and public relations on the level of shopping.

in fact, starting from the two sites started, AB station’s core audience and functional features. B is defined as the first station of the two dimension video website for otaku, while the A station besides video, articles and comments is a highlight, "comments the body is column content level high, comparable to micro-blog’s" Japanese cold tucao". But after several years of development, the first company to operate the B station, the flow has been better than the A station.

is now standing in the commercialization of B has some effect, which the catalytic role of capital can not be. According to industry rumors, B station in 2014 has completed a $38 million B round of financing (investors for IDG), valuation of $280 million, C round is now in progress. However, these messages, B station official has never been publicly disclosed.

after obtaining financing, B station >

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