The United States the integration of the two business platform will focus on the development of plat



the United States in the integration of the two business platform will focus on the development of platform Kuba (TechWeb pictures)


technology news December 3rd morning news, Gome Group officially integrate its Gome online mall and Kuba two electronic business platform, background unified management and resource sharing. After integration, Gome online mall will be officially renamed the United States online, the implementation of self strategy. Kubba will be independent mode of operation, to comprehensive business platform development.

, we integrate the United States under the two e-commerce platform, the main purpose is to expand the business category, in order to reduce duplication of investment, the establishment of a sustained and healthy development of Gome electricity supplier." Wang Junzhou, President of the United States, said the move is a major electricity supplier Gome internal integration.

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, the integration of the United States will be divided into two business units online. Gome online to self business oriented, positioned across the category of integrated B2C website. Kuba is mainly responsible for the operation of platform.

it is understood that the five major functions of integration of Gome online mall and Kuba two platforms for the background, including information sharing system, member interaction and sharing, sharing part of the procurement of goods and logistics system scale and benefit sharing.

"the fastest in January next year, we will be able to achieve two sites using a membership account login, membership can search online merchandise Kuba online in the United States, two goods on the site can be added to a shopping cart convenient to pay." Gome online CEO Han Depeng said. In order to facilitate the user memory, after the integration of the system will also be renamed Gome online.

Wang Junzhou said, we hope that the integration of the two can make the Gome group’s electricity supplier business in 2015 to do over one hundred billion, becoming the most profitable electricity supplier."

the United States and foreign Kuba senior had repeatedly stressed that the implementation of the group of the United States in the field of electronic business strategy will not Kuba "and" Gome online mall "dual brand change. The re integration also shows that the United States still adhere to this strategy.

in March this year, Kuba original CEO Wang Zhiquan left, leaving the industry speculation losses and the progress of the integration of the Department of Gome Kuba discontent. According to previously published data on Kuba Kuba, 2011 sales of 2 billion. In June this year, there have been reports of Kuba internal sales target adjustment for 2012 of 10 billion.

After the departure of

Wang Zhiquan, the former general manager of Gome Shenyang branch Ding Donghua as the new CEO of Kuba, began on the relationship between the United States and combs and Kuba, docking products supply chain company two.

Gome in 2010 November to spend 48 million yuan to acquire 80% stake in the kuba. In May this year, Wong Kwong Yu through Gome sharp move spent HK $90 million acquisition of Kuba and new beauty.

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