Change ideas to earn 2000 of the garbage station

garbage station, do not know when, the word began to pop up. See a lot of people in the garbage station, so I also built a garbage station, a more alternative garbage station, hoping to profit 3000 yuan monthly.

what is rubbish station? Very few original content website? Relies entirely on the collection site? Advertising is very much, basically no website? Searched online, there are really a lot of people to the garbage station under the definition:

is full of spam sites, is the garbage site;

web site is filled with junk sites that are garbage sites, is a garbage or a pile of garbage, it may be a group of garbage;

garbage station is a violation of the Google website quality guide website. Its direct purpose is to deceive the search engine, in order to get a good ranking does not meet the actual and a large number of traffic from the search engine. The destruction of the search engine rankings, the impact of the search results, the quality of the site to comply with the guidelines of the interests of the webmaster;

and so on, the garbage station on the definition of the Internet there are many, no longer list one by one.

can be seen, the garbage station has obvious features: content spam. There is also a very important feature is not reflected: rely on online advertising earnings. If a garbage station does not have network advertising, the site may not be intended to build the site into a dumpster. The last one is the SEO, the idea is not completely SEO garbage station is also extremely rare. Therefore, the garbage station basically has three characteristics: garbage content (Basic Collection); advertising; seo.

my station basically consistent with the concept of garbage station:

content belongs to the "acquisition", but we do not often say that the software acquisition, use Dede or locomotive or Content Alliance like software tools, but digital camera; I have to stand the collection of objects is not a peer website, but there are real merchants in the city;

put in advertising earnings, not the Google category of online advertising, is the promotion of the real business information, such as discount information, new products, etc.;

SEO, read a few articles of Qiu Shida, the basic idea of a little SEO inside.

"trash" content and operation:


content of the "collection", the contents of all collected from the street to do business businesses, such as restaurants, clothing stores, supermarkets and shopping malls and hotels and so on, mainly to do personal business of the business enterprise, not directly to the end consumer transactions do not collect, specialize in it. The acquisition tool is a digital camera, click on the street click, more than eighty percent businesses that support the acquisition, actively provide information; there are a few parts of the boss firmly rejected the acquisition". This is different from ordinary software acquisition of a site, oh, ordinary garbage collection object is not willing to be collected; and I have to collect objects welcome to collect, oh

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