Analysis SEO training industry network marketing practices

  I have the habit of tracking keywords ranking. Recently this time, found on the SEO training of these institutions, their marketing practices have one thing in common. And I am a very observation of the people, so much of the common ground how can I escape my eyes? I’ll bring you together to understand, SEO training class is how high you marketing

first, first came to understand the training sector several elite team

we search through Baidu, we can find that now the fire of a few SEO training there are so few teams. SEO Training Alliance, seovip love station training, search outside Cardiff only training, Wang Tong training. See figure

see here, we should understand it. The first point of their marketing, is to make their site in Baidu have to rank. Just imagine, if a SEO training, can not guarantee that their website has a ranking, then you say the smallpox rotten anyway I will not believe.

two, we come to know their marketing practices

1, we want to know their way is also very simple. As long as we click into their website, look at how they show their own, you will know. They have one thing in common. Will describe their lecturers are great characters, how do you know they are expert ah, some with their own website ranking to support. SEO training alliance. Or is the well-known figures, such as SEOVIP ZAC. and Liu Huanbin Robin this is a typical celebrity! Love station Zheng Zhiping and their team is not in the Sohu, in these big companies as SEO. See it. It is through celebrity that you trust. Here to tell the outside, what industry are using this trick. Using celebrities to gain the trust of all of us

2, their site in Baidu must have ranked

I also introduced in the front, if you are doing SEO training, your own website are not ranked, then no one will believe, no one believed, of course, no one to find you training.

3, the site is a variety of

throughout the look down, you will find that there is a form of blogging, there is a single page form, relying on their large flow etc. it also indicates that every kind of, and a website design is good or bad, is not an important factor in ranking. This is enough to explain that SEO is not what we imagine, as to what kind of, or their own practice verification. Here I now practice, want to use blog to a thousand index keyword optimization to Baidu home page, to half a month later, without success, if you are interested, you can search "trademark registration 258" about my blog.


through the above analysis, we may also be able to see out. Their marketing is counting on two points. First benefit

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