Daily topic SARFT issued a ban TV box where is the way out

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network November 18th news recently, SARFT TV box in order to control chaos, launched 81 illegal application rules first shield. In this regard, Tmall’s box in order to comply with the State Administration of radio and related departments, in November 15th before the upgrade of the system, and after the upgrade effect is blocked 81 illegal third party application broadcasting announced.

At the same time

for SARFT Internet TV and TV box again issued the ban, seven licenses control requirements including "four points and TV box can not install the application through the USB port, the requirements of self correction. These four requirements if the manufacturers do not cancel the right to broadcast control.

TV box has been able to obtain the market and users in a short period of time the recognition, the mass content is the key, but it is also the contents, put the box on the copyright and subsequent supervision in the teeth of the storm, to avoid the topic.

in fact, some of the current TV box, smart TV can find bad indecent video on the Internet, and piracy is becoming increasingly popular, in July this year that SARFT has listed the following four ban, if the manufacturers do not have to cancel the broadcast rights: after the beginning of the 2015 release of the models is strictly prohibited to support USB install the application; no built-in browser to access the Internet or other means is prohibited; app store push aggregation application software, video website, radio client application software; application of remote prohibited app store or other means to push the remote video indirectly through the hand machine.

SARFT said: "for a large number of overseas qualifications not obtained broadcast television drama, micro film, network television drama into the phenomenon to be determined and the major broadcast license the total line within a week, waiting for the administration of verification." SARFT also requires the parties to immediately stop the license to carry out a live broadcast business.

from the request to stop TV programs in the box shift and look back at the function, to close the download channel ordered all kinds of video and video aggregation APP software, Internet browser software, functional limitations of SARFT TV box more strictly. In September this year, the Ministry of public security and other four departments jointly issued the document No. 229, was once known as the history of the most stringent illegal Internet TV terminal files".

on a number of TV box manufacturers, this step by step. Let them obviously unable to resist sustain the blows. The strict provisions of the terminal video software so that the contents of the TV box lost content to attract users of the weapon, the close connection between the TV box and the internet. Lost a lot of video content of the TV box may encounter a lot of loss of users.

, an industry source said, "at present, a total of seven Internet TV license, are CCTV international, blockbuster, China media, South media, Hunan TV station, China radio international and the Central People’s Broadcasting station. As >

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