Wall Street Journal GoDaddy company to stop the cost of Cn domain name registration geometry

, a large domain name service provider known for its sexy TV ads, announced on Wednesday that it would withdraw from China GoDaddy. Prior to this, only Google (Google) is willing to do so.

general counsel GoDaddy Jones (Christine Jones) held in Washington of the United States Congress and the Executive Committee of Chinese (Congressional-Executive Commission on China) hearing that Go Daddy will stop providing the new ".Cn" domain name registration in Chinese. The reason is for color image, business license identification documents China new regulations require domain registration company like Go like Daddy for each registered domain to the government and signed physical contract.

as the "Wall Street journal" reported last December by the government, China said Chinese strengthen the domain name registration review is part of a crackdown on * * * * action network.

because it does not agree with the government in terms of information disclosure requirements, Go Daddy move to become the first public to follow Google’s exit from the Chinese market Internet Co. It will continue to serve existing.Cn domain names, but will no longer accept new customers.

but left Chinese will bring much substantial damage to the GoDaddy? Jones in an interview after the congressional testimony said that since 2005, GoDaddy company has 27000 registered.Cn domain name in Chinese, more than any other non China company. But China’s contribution to GoDaddy’s total revenue is still less than 1%.

Jones says the company is not trying to attract attention. She said the decision to stop selling the.Cn domain name has nothing to do with Google’s decision to move the search engine to Hongkong, and has nothing to do with public relations. It is only to prevent a large number of domain name registration of personal information to the Chinese government.

she said, to provide additional information to the Chinese government is clearly non GoDaddy customers want. When the company asked the existing.Cn registrants to provide additional information required by the government, only 20% of people responded that many people would rather give up registration than to provide detailed information.

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