Micro Amoy today officially opened the beta love Amoy and micro Amoy integration

A5 station network October 28th news, today the Alibaba group etgame held micro Amoy beta news conference, officially announced the Taobao mobile phone, micro Amoy public accounts will be fully open beta beta platform for more than half a year, all businesses outside of Taobao, Master, and any interested person can enter the official website in the application platform. At the same time will be fully open the existing PC platform and mobile phone terminal Taobao Taobao client, PC side of the "love Amoy platform and the mobile phone side of the micro Amoy platform" fit ", fully integrated for businesses and consumers to provide a seamless experience.

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news conference, Wu Yongming, senior vice president of Alibaba group (Zhang) first introduced the micro Amoy matrix – mobile phone Taobao. Wu Yongming said the cumulative number of mobile phone users Taobao 320 million users, the average daily mobile phone users to visit Taobao for 30 minutes, the proportion of the wireless side of the transaction accounted for more than 10% of businesses have a total of 1 million 100 thousand. Taobao mobile phone in 2013 opened the road of deformation, I hope to become a truly adapt to the era of wireless consumer shopping products. Mobile phone Taobao, will serve as a living assistant to help hundreds of millions of mobile phone users have opened up the ability to pay, anytime, anywhere consumption. If you pay attention to it, the mobile phone users have a habit of action, open the phone every day, the average number of lights on the screen about two hundred or three hundred times. In other words, users have strong demand for mobile phone spending time. The micro Amoy, it is in order to meet the user can stroll Taobao mobile phone products.

Wu Yongming also said the mobile era consumer interaction: personalized, fragmented, information push. The latest version of the micro Amoy launched a number of users to remind the relevant features. Later, the phone Taobao will have more ways to find micro Amoy, found the account, the future will become a very small micro Amoy information carriers, businesses and consumers interact with the bridge, as well as the interaction between consumers carrier. Micro Amoy mobile providers will open a new interactive experience.

Ali wireless division mobile phone Taobao official micro Amoy seven public review development course, 2013.4.1 micro Amoy birth; 2013.8.14 10000th beta micro Amoy account; 2013.10.10 micro Amoy Amoy love with 2013.10.21 micro Amoy; the number of active users reached 10 million; 2013.11.1 micro Amoy official beta. For consumers, micro Amoy is just like me, for businesses, micro Amoy is anytime, anywhere to reach customers". Micro Amoy is the innovation of business model of mobile providers, carrying wireless Taobao’s mission, but also help operators to create mobile brand micro account. Fun micro Amoy: flow of marketing resources through the wireless terminal and PC terminal; Push direct, precise push free flow; CRM tool, maintain customer zero cost. Micro Amoy, mobile electricity supplier era began.

mobile phone Taobao share "director Chengzhi micro Amoy, a" double ten radio play. Said wireless double 11 buyers for the red tour this year, full of wit and humour.

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