ResellerClub domain name registration about 2000000 actively enter China

March 23rd, according to foreign media reports, foreign domain name registrar ResellerClub officially entered the Chinese market, and set up a branch in china. In April 1st, which is the traditional fool’s day, ResellerClub announced the official Alipay support for charging agency accounts. It is reported that the agent platform SuperSite and PartnerSite Chinese version has been officially launched.


SuperSite view web site:


PartnerSite view web site:

as a large international brand network solutions provider of ResellerClub, founded in 1998, is the domain name registrar ICANN and CNNIC certification, its purpose is to provide network services to the world by agents, team ResellerClub has more than and 500 people worldwide, currently has 537773 dealers, service in 236 countries. Since Chinese announced its entry into the market, attracted a lot of attention in the domestic Internet industry, it comes, whether for domestic agents have brought more of a choice, but also poses a threat to the domestic domain business? ResellerClub the real situation and how? > now, IDC review network and everyone together to focus on ResellerClub in March since the domain name change.

decline in total net growth in total share of


As can be seen from the table

, ResellerClub reached about 2430000 in April 12th of total domain, accounted for 2.193% of the global share, is 2 times more than the new network, China’s network. But it was evident in the 8 week period between March and 15 that the net increase was more than $1.8 in the past two weeks. In the last statistics GoDaddy, we can find that the growth of ResellerClub is not stable enough.


look again, from the top of the commonly used international top-level domain proportion,.COM understandable become the first choice, which accounted for 75.52% of ResellerClub, almost godday. Second, of course,.NET.


as an old brand

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