The Pirate Bay Pirates will destroy a stirring among the dry bones why not end

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December 16th, according to the Washington Post website reported that since last week by the Swedish police search, file sharing search sites notorious repute Pirate Bay on the line, but so people predicted it again! It is understood that the Pirate Bay has been in the content of the document "Resurrection", the latter by the resurrection of the file sharing website IsoHunt fans to create.


IsoHunt team explained in Bowen said, although it encourages users to IsoHunt the Pirate Bay (two sites are very similar in function), it has saved the Pirate Bay, and returned to the Pirate Bay site in, "we, the team, copy of the pirate bay website code, the purpose is to allow users to use it at any time".

is not difficult to recover the Pirate Bay site, because since February last year, users can easily download the entire site documents.

in many ways, law enforcement agencies seem to be playing a mole game with file sharing sites. Even accused of helping consumers large-scale piracy of copyrighted content, file sharing site still has a lot of fans, close a file sharing site will lead to copycats in online "blossom everywhere". To understand the characteristics of such sites difficult to eradicate, you need a little technical background.

Pirate Bay and IsoHunt are indexed seed sites. A seed file is a file format associated with the P2P file sharing protocol BitTorrent, which is used to share data with other users while downloading files. The seed file is very popular with users who want to download large files such as movies or video games, because the bandwidth needed to download large files is provided by many users.


but in recent years, many of the file sharing sites, including the Pirate Bay, have abandoned the hosting of the actual seed files, and began to use magnetic links. Magnetic link is not the user must download the file, which contains relevant information to help the user BitTorrent client to identify the correct seed file content.

turned to the use of magnetic link to the file sharing site benefits obviously: they do not need to store any actual file, even if the accused can be managed for sharing copyright content of the document, they can also defend themselves. This also means that file sharing sites must save the amount of data greatly reduced.

reduces the cost of hosting a lot of data, improve the portability of the infrastructure. 2012, the file sharing news website TorrentFreak reported that a user created a Pirate Bay magnetic link text version of the document, compressed only about 90MB – enough to store on the U disk.

is currently unclear.

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