The green ribbon in the China disaster blessing including video

          "earthquake destroyed homeland, disaster devour life". At 14:28 on May 12th, Wenchuan County, Sichuan Province, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake, the people’s lives and property suffered heavy losses. Respect the life for the people we love and love our people can cherish life, with the promotion of national mourning, stationmaster net joint Xuzhou recruitment network, wealth guide network, God figure technology company in the afternoon of May 19, 2008 in Xuzhou City, Pengcheng square, to the general public to carry out green ribbon activities.

      green represents health, green makes people healthy life and vitality of life is full of hope. Green ribbon is a symbol of love and blessings, not only the understanding of the community and the public’s understanding of life and love, but also a continuous improvement of their health. Light fluttering green ribbon, a symbol of joy and pleasure, is the realization of the value of life, the source of a better life.


                      14:28 PM, Xuzhou urban management and some people in the square in the square held a collective mourning activities.

                              member of the green ribbon to the hard work of our department of environmental sanitation green ribbon.


                            member of the green ribbon to the public green ribbon.


                      green ribbon member in the green ribbon to the citizens of.


                    green ribbon member in the old comrades to the green ribbon, and send us a deep blessing!



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