WeChat team will limit the number of contacts to deal with the number of fake accounts

extended reading: WeChat friends and concern about the number of public accounts is limited to the upper limit of 5000 WeChat hit marketing behavior: marketing account restrictions contact

WeChat team official micro

Phoenix Francisco May 21st message, according to the marketing circle of friends, the prevalence of the phenomenon, the WeChat team issued a statement on micro-blog, WeChat will add to part through a large number of friends in business marketing contact number of individual micro signal, the micro signal and report more involved and fake and infringement of commercial users, for processing in accordance with relevant laws regulations.


team also said WeChat, WeChat circle of friends and acquaintances chain constitutes a small, intimate circle, not a marketing platform; restrictions on WeChat marketing, is to protect the user experience, purifying environment".

it is understood that some users make use of the circle of acquaintances economic marketing merchandise to micro business form to do business. The products sold by the buyer as soon as fakes, dragons and fishes jumbled together, rights not easy.

this phenomenon also attracted the attention of Tencent. May 6th, WeChat business group was formally established in May 16th, Tencent to carry out thunder action, said it would fight the number of people and friends in the circle of fake WeChat and fake overseas purchasing.

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