Yang Haoyong features merger 58 is afraid to win the battle to lose the strategy to leave after a ye

Abstract: in February 21, 2016, Yang Haoyong said that the seeds of the first $200 million A round of financing will be completed within a week, second will be completed within the next few weeks, A round of financing after the valuation of the company more than $1 billion. And Yao Jinbo’s 58 city for many years to fight the fight, who can not be separated from each other who is open, this is the biggest lesson learned after the summary yang.


and Yao Jinbo kill love break up again, Yang Haoyong battles melon seeds. What are the lessons he learned from the market in 58? 1 years and 4 months, how he will make a valuation of $1 billion seed company



and 58 merger is afraid to win the battle lost strategy

Yang Haoyong, a baby face, "gentle appearance, inner frenzy", 58 city and Ganji with him half a year to appreciate the "what it is like to rest, no fun, he wants to go to a higher level, why so boring, early retirement? Do the investment, as the coach looked at players play. Not enough, or do business with vigour and vitality more interesting.

at the end of 2015, the seeds split out from 58 second-hand car market, Yang Haoyong served as seeds CEO. The seeds of second-hand car is the predecessor of fair car, ganji.com internal incubator project. It is ganji.com strategic project, is to explore the transformation of ganji.com services from providing information to the home, like 58 to 58 city.

June 2014, 58 city Chen Xiaohua (now 58 home CEO) when open communication, the service life is divided into home services and to store services, Jingdong, United States mission to the store to provide very good service, home service has just begun. This concept has affected the subsequent O2O a home tide.

The launch of

Chen Xiaohua’s ideas and 58 home also touched when he was Ganji CEO, now CEO Yang Haoyong seeds. Ganji also has a large number of domestic companies move, do promotion, on 2014, 58 city and Ganji in fierce competition, the growth rate is 60%, which is 150%. Yang Haoyong also realized that if the market does not follow the service life of it, there is no future. From the provision of information to provide services, which is similar to the two companies, is a huge challenge.

The pressure comes from

58 home, Ganji need to find a breakthrough to category. The board of directors, the main investment in human to do a "go home", Yang Haoyong and then ganji.com COO, now COO seeds Chen Guohuan insisted on doing car, other people think to do at home. Some investors said: "you do not wait to die at home." Chen Guohuan’s view is that the high frequency of low-cost online penetration needs to develop. The second-hand car penetration rate of high low frequency, high one low.

at this time, in June 2014 on the line to bring together the car used by everyone in the car has entered the eyes of the public. Do service from the angle of transformation, all the car is ganji.com used car channel >

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