Robin Li made God route secret fanatical not inferior to the fans of Li Yuchun

exclusive report in November 19th, two days ago, Baidu employees moved to the new building and usher in the long Chongqing code activities. Baidu Inc chairman and CEO Robin Li in the day after the completion of the busy reception and arrangements, but also with fans from across the country together, spent his 41 year old in the Baidu building.

2 pm, Robin Li still did not forget to interact with fans in their "I Post Bar" and as many as 230 thousand: "this is a very busy day, everybody is very excited, I am very excited, thanks to my friends!" a few words, soon received hundreds of fans from the reply.


November 17th, Robin Li in Baidu building and macro photo


this day for Robin Li, especially with a clear symbolic meaning: he that day in two different world: a world where he faced 4000 Baidu employees and many agents, as well as the guests from afar, he is the owner of Baidu; and in another world, he in the numerous fans from "private" to celebrate his birthday, and interact with friends, he is like a shining star.

Beijing time on November 18th, Baidu shares soared to $441.5 highs. Ten year old Robin Li, has stood in the cause of the moment at the same time, reach the peak of perfection; his reputation in the arena grow with each passing day, becomes a school.

, however, is different from the traditional IT is a successful entrepreneur, Robin Li’s body was filled with idols of halo rich — even with the Internet gangster Shi Yuzhu, Ma Yun, Ding Lei, Robin Li is more like a million people favorite idol star, but is not only an Internet entrepreneur.

Robin Li and his fans

in fact, compared to Baidu Inc in the spotlight, Robin Li seems to be more time on their fans who. And fans in the frenzy, Robin Li seems to feel the same fun.

Robin Li, a little experience in Shanghai, can easily make us feel feverish –

October 12th, Robin Li came to the Shanghai Jiaotong University, were included the content of Baidu campus recruitment will preach. This lecture will be Robin Li’s personal activities of the atmosphere of the icon rendered to a new height, of course, next to Suzhou, Nanjing, Changsha, Harbin, Lijiang and other colleges and universities.

this iconic entertainment atmosphere in the campus seems to be more likely to become hot.


red sister made a special trip from Hunan to Shanghai, only to listen to Robin Li speech


in the red girl is coming from Changsha rushed to Shanghai, sitting in the first row of Shanghai Jiaotong University auditorium to listen to Robin Li’s speech. She told Tencent technology on QQ that she was

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