Through the digital China intelligent product network to promote the promotion of industry informati

digital China intelligent network products ( these days with the line yesterday I read, now and when we think about feeling, layout and appearance of the site looks fine, the first impression was achieved, its content is not bad. We consider the site when I feel the line on the website should have three points worth watching at first: the first personalized promotion, then advertising, finally is the interaction of enterprises, there are still some unfinished system. But now the whole architecture is improving. I have a hunch that in terms of promotion and interaction, it should be the best place for smart card products to shine in the future. Therefore, the industry should be a large number of sites in the classification of information on the promotion of personal self promotion. So here I also talk about other categories of information industry website promotion ideas:

The promotion of

for this type of industry information website, my personal advice is: can’t use as some way in pushing the company website engine above push! Because corporate websites need to rely on the engine to assist because the enterprise website itself the type of restrictions, he showed that his company and products, just want to Send a information only, said popular point is equivalent to a domain independent blog, little amount of information above and some of the content, so the need for the promotion of auxiliary engine ranking. Our website is a comprehensive information website is a website to express itself inside and large amount of information, the engine ranking in terms of these comprehensive websites, as long as the optimization constantly added information plus natural keywords engine ranking is no problem, this kind of website is to push the industry classification so famous! The information website is not enough to improve the flow of light. We have to attract them to register a member to stay above us, the longer the time to stay, the higher our popularity!

so my suggestion is that we should promote the precise positioning in the promotion, accurate to a website can be in response to our own favorable website advertising position I can think of two points:

, a search engine should be in the selection of some website can have gathered a large number of industry and enterprises focus on crowd advertising, we can compare the advantages in carefully selected for their own website promotion site; and we put on the right for advertising. And put in the form (including time, click mode, etc.) more flexible, can be adjusted at any time we put the channel and the type of delivery. Just started small and medium-sized site is very necessary. And in the above do soft propaganda easier. Compared to the engine’s key words, can be faster and more accurate access to our results and feedback. Ali can do in the national network.

two, is to promote the image of the site have to use some things marketing approach. I think of: first of all, some of today’s social or Internet events, such as the recent earthquake and floods, as well as the recent phenomenon of Internet winter. Therefore, in the early stage of the site in the publicity of the theme and form should also be in our website

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