first_imgSANTA ANA, CA — John “Jack” Rome, vice president of operations and engineering for MotorVac Technologies, lost his year long battle with cancer on November 4. AdvertisementClick Here to Read MoreAdvertisement Rome had served as vice president of operations and engineering at MotorVac since 1995. He was responsible for designing and developing most of the company’s products and was named on 18 of their 19 patent applications. He also managed the manufacturing, distribution and procurement operations. Born in England, he graduated from the Barrow-in-Furness Technical College with a BSCME degree. Soon after, he left for America to begin his career in the automotive industry. Over the years, Rome held engineering and management positions with General Motors, Sierracin/Harrison, Robertshaw Controls and General Systems. Mark Hallsman, president and CEO of MotorVac stated “Jack will be sadly missed by his many friends who knew him in the industry, but he will be especially missed by the MotorVac Team. We at MotorVac will always remember Jack as we saw him on his last day at work a few weeks ago when he chaired the management staff meeting and was providing direction and guidance to help move the company forward. He left us doing what he loved to do and his legacy is that everyday thousands of automotive technicians around the world will perform fluid exchange services and help the people have safer, cleaner and more efficient vehicles – all because of Jack Rome.” Advertisement Rome is survived by his wife Linda, his son John and daughter Janella. Donations can be made in Rome’s honor to the American Cancer Society. _______________________________________ Click here to view the rest of today’s headlines.last_img read more

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first_imgBP has chosen to extend the present Platform Drilling Services contract in the UK for a further 4 years from December 2014, by declaring two 2-year options. This brings the contract to a renewal date in December 2018.In addition, BP has one remaining 2-year option. The value of the 4-year extension is estimated to USD 165 million.“This early extension demonstrates BP’s commitment to working with Odfjell Drilling in delivering quality and efficiency in their platform drilling program,” Odfjell said in a statement.Odfjell Drilling currently operates on BP assets Andrew, Bruce, Clair and Magnus in the UK North Sea. A new platform Clair Ridge will be included in the portfolio following handover to operations during 2016. [mappress]February 25, 2014last_img read more

first_imgAn oil product tanker is reported to had been fired at by the Iranian naval forces while transiting the Gulf on Thursday.Singapore-flagged tanker Alpine Eternity was approached by five Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy ships at about noon (0800 GMT), Reuters said citing U.S. officials.The ships fired warning shots as they tried to intercept and seize the vessel.The ship’s crew issued a radio call for help, which was answered by the United Arab Emirates that dispatched coast guard vessels to aid the tanker. Once at the scene the Iranian departed the area.The 2009-built tanker was forced to flee the area setting sail for UAE’s territorial waters.Based on the latest vessel tracking data by Marine Traffic the 46,100-tonne ship is currently at anchor in Dubai area.The data shows that the ship’s last port was Port of Hidd and its destination Jebel Ali.The chemical tanker is managed by Norwegian tanker operator Transpetrol.The reason behind the approach is believed to be another attempt to settle a legal dispute by force, U.S. officials said.Namely, the tanker is said to be liable for damage to an Iranian-owned oil platform it hit on March 22, Reuters reported.The latest attempt to intercept a shipping vessel comes in the wake of the arrest of Maersk Tigris by Iranian navy also on the grounds of unsettled debt claims dating back to 2005.World Maritime News Stafflast_img read more

first_imgIf there are two words guaranteed to send any audience to sleep in an instant, they are these: Annual Report. By God, they are dull -­ I should know, I have written enough of the damn things. You know that very few people are going to read them but you have got to produce them (the Legal Services Act makes it a legal obligation for the LeO). And there is always a certain formula you have got to follow: governance statements, financial accounts, performance reports. So you do what you have to: crunch the numbers, highlight the positives and acknowledge there are still areas for development/improvement, get it laid in parliament – job’s a good ’un. But we do try to put some substance in what we produce. And in any event, an annual report – and its ­associated launch – is actually a good opportunity to take stock of things and give some feedback to the ­profession. In this year’s report, our third, we have tried to do just that. So what have we said? Some of it has been reported in the legal press, but some has not. The report looks briefly at professional ethics and ­discusses – although largely dismisses – the possibility of them being undermined as non-legal executives become more influential within firms through alternative business structures. But it does see greater risk coming from the increasing use of funding mechanisms, such as conditional and fixed-fee arrangements and legal insurance ­policies, citing the frequency of ­complaints which reveal a degree of confusion among customers – whether intentionally caused or not – about how these operate. When I spoke at a local Law Society meeting after these comments appeared, I was challenged about their accuracy. I think it is important to say that when we go out and make this sort of statement, it is based on real observation. At the Legal Ombudsman, myself and my fellow ombudsmen encounter countless examples of ­customers who have ended up ­incurring costs they simply were not expecting. And our position is simple: if a product is marketed as ‘fixed fee’ then we do not expect to see additional costs lumped on top at the end of a case, especially if no indication that this might happen is given throughout. Similarly, insurance policies need to be just that, not a Lottery ticket, which may or may not cover a customer’s legal expenses when they are relying on it. Take the following examples: Mr A engaged a law firm to take up cases against several previous employers for industrial illness. Mr A and his lawyer made a ‘no win, no fee’ agreement, but the firm failed to fill in the forms for the indemnity insurance. Several of the cases failed and the firm agreed to pay Mr A’s legal expenses for these cases. The firm was unwilling to continue work on the other two claims. Mr A contacted a second firm which also refused to take on the cases as it felt that the first firm had made too many mistakes. Mr A returned to the first firm and formally complained. The firm responded that it was unable to continue with the remaining cases and insisted that it was not responsible for the costs of the ­defendants. Mr A came to the Legal Ombudsman. He wanted to drop the outstanding cases and for the firm to agree to be responsible for any of the defendants’ costs. The LeO managed to resolve the complaint informally and the firm agreed that it would discontinue the live claims and indemnify Mr A against any costs and liabilities. Learning lessons No winners Adam Sampson is chief ombudsman Mr B needed a lawyer to help him take on his former employer for unfair ­dismissal. However, he wanted the assurance of a fixed-fee service as he had a tight budget to work with. He instructed a firm which agreed that its fee would be 35% of any damages awarded to Mr B should the case be successful. Shortly before the hearing, Mr B’s case was settled out of court, much to Mr B’s satisfaction. Unfortunately, his lawyer had failed to pursue the other side for their costs and subsequently tried to use more of Mr B’s damages to cover them. The lawyer advised that in addition to 35% of the damages in respect of the fees, Mr B would be required to pay for disbursements and telephone calls, meaning he would actually stand to lose more than 50% of the damages awarded. Mr B was obviously unimpressed and made a complaint to the firm, but it disagreed that it had misled him over cost. Mr B then brought his complaint to the Legal Ombudsman. Following an investigation, we found that the firm had failed to warn Mr B about ­disbursements and any potential costs incurred by the other side. We told the firm to refund Mr B £500, which it agreed to do. center_img Mrs C instructed a firm to assist with an employment tribunal and funded it using before-the-event insurance. Following a court case Mrs C was awarded £25,000 but only received £19,000 after her lawyers took a cut from the payout to cover costs, which they claimed were not covered by the insurance policy. The law firm did this despite agreeing to inform Mrs C of any costs that would not be covered by insurance at the start of the case. After failing to resolve her complaint through the firm’s own complaints process, Mrs C brought her complaint to the LeO for investigation. It was subsequently found that the complainant had not been provided with adequate costs information and some of what she was asked to pay included costs that the firm could not substantiate with the insurers. As it was unreasonable for the firm to pass on all of these costs to the complainant – and due to the fact it did not keep Mrs C informed of extra costs throughout the case – we decided that the firm should reimburse the £5,000 shortfall. Fantasy fixed fees As the changes in legal aid take effect and render more people reliant upon these new, more commercially viable funding methods, it is fair to assume that we may see more of this confusion leading to complaints. And part of my job – at least as I see it – is to anticipate the issue and hopefully give both the profession and consumers a ‘heads-up’. Which is not to say that I am intrinsically against those sort of funding models: indeed, I expressed some support for innovation in the way lawyers charge in our thematic report on costs. I think it is inevitable that legal insurance will become more prevalent and it is a product which has its place. I also think conditional and fixed-fee arrangements are great for customers on a shoestring budget – as many people are in the current economic climate. These too should be part of the legal landscape. My issue is not with these products or services. The complaints I see tend to crop up when these products and services deviate from what they are claiming to offer. If they did exactly what it says on the tin, every time, we would have far fewer complaints to investigate and this must surely be the aspiration of any firm offering them. It is only through reporting on the causes of complaints that lessons can be learnt about how to prevent them. This is something we will ­continue to do. So, for example, we are currently planning our next thematic report, which is likely to be on conveyancing. If we have feedback to give, we do not want to wait until the next Annual Report to give it. Insurance shortfalllast_img read more

first_imgThe MG3710A vector signal generator with excellent ACLR performance has a two-waveform addition function for tests combining wanted and interference/AWGN waveforms as well as a 2nd RF Option in one main unit. The MS2690A/MS2691A/MS2692A signal analyzers have built-in vector signal generator options as well as optional analysis software for each communications system, supporting analysis of wireless equipment TRx characteristics with just one instrument.As part of its wide product range supporting 5G, Anritsu also sells the Signal Analyzer MS2850A and 5G measurement software. This release of new software packages for evaluating sub-6 GHz TRx characteristics is expected to play a key role in early deployment of commercial 5G services. Target markets and applications include, Creation of 3GPP-defined 5G NR waveform files for outputting 5G NR signals from signal generator Reference Standards: 3GPP TS38.211 (2018-06), TS38.212 (2018-06), TS38.213 (2018-06) Parameter settings via GUI operation Customers with existing Vector Signal Generator MG3710A and MS2690A/MS2691A/MS2692A Signal Generator options can add new functions with an easy software upgrade, helping hold-down costs by leveraging existing equipment. PC installation is supported as well for creating files even without a measuring instrument. Anritsu has introduced two new software packages, a 5G NR TDD sub-6 GHz IQproducer, the MX370113A and a 5G NR TDD sub-6 GHz IQproducer, the MX269913A. The new products are an addition to Anritsu’s line of measurement software for 5G mobile communications systems. Installing these software packages in the Vector Signal Generator MG3710A or Signal Analyzer MS2690A/MS2691A/MS2692A series with installed Vector Signal Generator Opt-020 supports output of 5G signals in the frequency band below 6 GHz (sub-6 GHz).Commercial 5G services are expected to use two frequency bands—the mmWave band at 28 and 39 GHz, and the sub-6 GHz band. Since the sub-6 GHz band is close to the frequencies used by 4G LTE, there is increasing need for instruments supporting measurement of both 5G as well as earlier communication systems, such as LTE/LTE-Advanced, etc. With this new software package release, Anritsu is strengthening the functions of its Vector Signal Generator MG3710A and Signal Analyzer MS2690A/MS2691A/MS2692A series by supporting output of 5G NR signals.The MX370113A software is for use by the Vector Signal Generator MG3710A, while the MX269913A is for the Signal Analyzer MS2690A/MS2691A/MS2692A series. Both packages support generation of 3GPP-defined 5G NR waveform files for uplink and downlink signals by setting parameters, such as component carriers (CC, 100 MHz max.), sub-carrier interval, modulation scheme, etc. Additionally, installing the software packages in a PC enables creation of waveform files without a measuring instrument.Key Features include:center_img Manufacturers of wireless communications equipment and electronic parts, mobile-phone operators Development and manufacturing of 5G mobile terminals and wireless communications equipment, etc.last_img read more

first_img Eli Mooneyham Related TopicsCM PunkMickey Gall Elijah Mooneyham has been a dedicated sports fan his whole life. Born and raised in Cleveland, he has his best days when his hometown teams are winning. Elijah is currently on-air talent/producer on two shows, The Main Event and The Moon Hour, where you can find on AllSportsCleveland.com. He also has an insane passion for professional wrestling, so catch his opinions on the world of professional wrestling.center_img Well, well. It’s that time. The moment everyone has been waiting for….CM Punk.Punk and Mickey Gall are third on the main card, but definitely considered the main attraction to a lot of fans around the world, as Punk looks to be the second successful professional wrestler to make the transition to the world of mixed martial arts. In his way is a young and talented Mickey Gall, who is looking to make a name ff of his fight with Punk, a fight in which Gall has called for specifically after he was found on the show “Dana White: Looking For A Fight”. What is super impressive in the two fights Gall has had is the extreme tenacity and easy-going nature of his fighting style, which both have been finished by submission very quickly.Punk has been training with Roufusports, with legend Duke Roufus. With many setbacks in his training due to injuries, Punk has persevered and is ready for a fight with Gall. Along the way, Punk had help from Anthony Pettis and the UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley. The advice may come in to play, but ultimately, it is Punk who has to execute the gameplan.With that being said, Mickey Gall will win this fight by first-round submission. I commend CM Punk for making a great transition and just getting in the octagon alone silences the critics. On this night however, I believe Mickey Gall will win and start to move towards the top of division.last_img read more

first_imgAssembly Member Brent Hibbert: “So, there are 23 municipalities in Alaska that are members of this commission. In order to implement a single-level state wide sales tax administration numerous local and taxing jurisdictions within Alaska need to ban together to create this commission.”  The function and powers of the Commission are set forth in the Alaska Intergovernmental Remote Seller Sales Tax Agreement, a cooperative agreement between Commission members. FacebookTwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享The Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly at their meeting on Tuesday approved an ordinance to amend current borough sales tax code for consistency, and authorize the Commission to administer remote sales tax collection. The Alaska Municipal League is establishing a working group intended to plan and hire a contractor to complete necessary steps to implement a statewide, independent, online sales tax administration system for sales by remote sellers. In a memo from Borough Finance Director Brandi Harbaugh, the recent decision by the United States Supreme Court in South Dakota v. Wayfair allows for the amendment of the sales tax code to account for remote sellers who do not have a physical presence in the borough, but do have a taxable connection with the borough. Remote sellers who make a substantial number of deliveries into or have large gross revenues from Alaska benefit extensively from the Alaska market, affecting the economy generally, as well as local infrastructure. The ordinance approved by the assembly represents the culmination of a process that began in June of 2019 and is the last step before municipal tax collected by remote sellers can be remitted to the borough through the Commission. In order to implement a single-level statewide sales tax administration, numerous local taxing jurisdictions within Alaska banded together to establish an intergovernmental entity known as the Alaska Remote Seller Sales Tax Commission. The Wayfair decision provides guidance that includes the defensibly of a single-level statewide administration of remote sales tax collection and remittance so long as the law is not retroactive in its application and provides a safe harbor to sellers who have limited sales or transactions in Alaska, according to Harbaugh.last_img read more

first_imgThe 6ft8in forward returns to the WISE Campus seven years after he left his childhood team and has signed an initial one-year deal.Born in Bristol, Rogers came through the ranks at the Flyers and graduated from the SGS basketball academy, making his senior debut in September 2011 at the age of 17 in NBL Division one.He went on to sign a full athletic scholarship with Carson-Newman in NCAA Division two, making 110 appearances during his collegiate career, posting an average of 9.4 points and 6.8 rebounds in his senior yearSpeaking to the club’s official YouTube channel, Rogers said: “It feels great to be back home where I first started playing basketball.“I went to the Saturday morning sessions when I was aged 11 and played for the Flyers through all the junior age groups.”The club is completely different now, but there’s still parts that haven’t changed. When I came back last season with London City Royals, I still saw the same volunteers that were there when I was at the Flyers seven years ago.“It’s a surreal feeling to be back, but it’s something I always wanted to happen.”last_img read more

first_imgTUSCALOOSA – Marlon Humphrey didn’t make it onto the field as a true freshman on Alabama’s football team. But the talented sprinter is already making a major contribution on the Crimson Tide’s track and field team.Humphrey, a former track star at Hoover High School, is a member of the Tide’s 1,600 meter relay team.Humphrey is the third leg on a squad that recently broke the school’s nine-year record with a time of 3:06.05. The previous record was 3:07.29 which was set back in 2006.Tide assistant coach Matt Kane said Humphrey runs the third leg because of how strong he is.“For Marlon to just walk in and do what he’s doing is pretty remarkable to be quite honest with you,” Kane said. “You can see a guy come out and run 60 meters and be pretty fast. But for a guy to be that fit and that strong to be able to run the 4x4s, that’s rare. That doesn’t happen very often.”Humphrey is one of four football players on the track team along with Tony Brown, Anthony Averett and Bradley Sylve.Brown runs in the 60-meter sprint and 60-meter hurdles. Brown is 21st nationally (6.82 seconds) in the 60-meter sprint and 11th nationally (7.89 seconds) in the 60-meter hurdles.Sylve is a sprinter while Averett is a long jumper. Sylve took three years off, but has worked his way back into the fold.He’s currently 27th nationally in the 60-meter sprint with a time of 6.86. Sylve will likely make his biggest impact in the 400 relay during outdoor season. Averett’s best long jump is 7.13 meters which is good for 21st nationally.“Usually when you get football players who run track, you hear, ‘I’m just out here to do it to work out,” said Tide sprinter Cameron Hudson. “Those guys actually want to be good in track. They don’t want to just work out for football, they want to be competitive. They want to really be good for the team.”The Tide’s track team will compete in the SEC Championships this weekend with hopes of qualifying for nationals for indoor track and field.To qualify for the nationals, an athlete must record a top-16 mark nationally from any meet this season. They can improve on those marks in the SEC Championships.A total of 48 athletes (24 women, 24 men) will make the trip to Lexington, Kentucky, this weekend. They are slated to compete in a total of 26 events.“Our program is progressing into one of the better ones in the SEC, but we want to be thought of among the top teams nationally,” Tide head coach Dan Waters said. “One of the great things about our sport is that we get the chance to earn everything in competition. Rankings are nice, and we are appreciative of the respect, but what matters is our ability to perform in competition.”last_img read more