By Ghayt BennisRabat – Protesting medical students have launched the hashtag #DoctorsUnderOppression following an enormous boycott of final exams.One student told Huffpost Morocco: “The students willingly decided to launch this hashtag to make their voices heard worldwide.” Online protests, particularly supported by reported cases of “threats against striking students, including visiting their homes by the Moqadem .”“Students were asked to visit the Governorate (Wilaya) along with their relatives and their parents simply answered that their children are adults and that it is their right to sit or not to sit the exam.”Read also: Moroccan Medical Students Defy Government, Boycott Final ExamsWhile the hashtag fight is still rising, the struggle between the striking medical students and the government is far from over.On 13 June, in a press release, the state government announced that medical institutions would remain open until 25 June for students wishing to break the strike and take their final exams.The government also restated its “willingness to implement the legal and procedural actions in such situations, including failure of the academic year or expulsion of students who have already completed the authorized years of repetition “. The government, which accuses the “Al Adl Wal Ihsane “ movement in particular of “taking advantage of this situation”, also threatens to “take the legal actions  against anyone who tries to disturb the normal conduct of these examinations”.The achievement of the newcommon hashtag seems to have inspired private medical students in the private sector too. The private medical students have started their own battle cry by putting #ResidencyForAll, which went viral on Saturday.Read also: Education Ministry Suspends 3 Professors for Supporting Medical Students’ Exam Boycott“These students must protest to have favorable conditions but within their own hospitals to do their residency,” said the the striking student interviewed by Huffpost. read more

Globally, New Zealand and Denmark have been ranked first and second, with CPI scores of 89 and 88 respectively. The index uses a points scale of zero to 100, where zero is highly corrupt and 100 is very clean. This year, the index found that more than two-thirds of countries score below 50, with an average score of 43. Sri Lanka’s CPI score of 38 is well below the average score of 44 for the Asia-Pacific region. Among the SAARC member states Bhutan leads with a score of 67, followed by India (40), Sri Lanka (38), Maldives (33), Pakistan (32), Nepal (31), Bangladesh (28) and Afghanistan (15).In its global press release on the launch of CPI 2017, Transparency International noted that an analysis of the results highlighted the relationship between corruption levels, the protection of journalistic freedoms and engagement of civil society. It found that almost all journalists killed since 2012 were killed in countries with high levels of perceived corruption. The analysis shows that in the last six years, more than 9 out of 10 journalists were killed in countries that score 45 or less on the Corruption Perceptions Index. This means that, on average, every week at least one journalist is killed in a country that is highly corrupt. In addition, one in five journalists that died were covering a story about corruption. Sadly, justice was never served in the majority of these cases.Since its inception in 1995, the Corruption Perceptions Index, Transparency International’s flagship publication, is the leading global indicator of public sector corruption. The index offers an annual snapshot of the relative degree of corruption by ranking countries from all over the globe. For more information, visit www.transparency.org/research/cpi TISL Executive Director Asoka Obeyesekere said, “A close analysis of Sri Lanka’s positioning in the CPI from 2012 to 2017 shows that despite the institutional strengthening of anti-corruption agencies following the 19th amendment, consistent failure in implementation has led to very limited progress”. Sri Lanka has failed to show any significant progress in its CPI score year on year for the past 5 years – an increase or decrease of 6 points or more represents a significant change. Obeyesekere added, “it would seem that the anti-corruption drive has limited momentum. Citizens still face corruption when trying to avail of essential public services, ranging from waste collection to school enrollment. Therefore, the limited change in the perception of public sector corruption (CPI) reflects the limited change experienced by people in their everyday encounters with the state.”Progressive legal reforms such as giving citizens the right to freely access asset declarations of public representatives and the passage of the essential National Audit Bill have also been stalled in Cabinet, which is indicative of a lack of bureaucratic and political will. Transparency International Sri Lanka (TISL), the local chapter of the global movement, is concerned by the fact that Sri Lanka’s current CPI score of 38 is the same score that prevailed in 2014. Speaking on the country’s performance in CPI 2017, Sri Lanka has failed to show significant improvement in the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) 2017, released by Transparency International, the global movement against corruption.The index ranks 180 countries and territories by their perceived levels of public sector corruption. Sri Lanka has moved up 4 places from 95th to 91st, far more importantly its CPI score has only risen by two points from 36 to 38, representing the slow rate of progress. read more

The number of civilians uprooted by fighting in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) this year has risen dramatically over the past week, with an additional 30,000 to 35,000 people displaced as of today beyond the more than 50,000 already reported, according to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).The area most affected is the territory of Djugu, just north of Bunia, capital of the Ituri region. Villages have been looted and burned down by armed factions linked to different ethnic groups. Interviews with terrified civilians confirm that there have been widespread killings, rapes, and looting, UNICEF said.“We need to bring the same sense of urgency to the Congo that we brought to the tsunami, in order to stop the killing of children,” UNICEF Executive Director Carol Bellamy declared, referring to the Indian Ocean disaster which brought a massive outpouring of international aid to the dozen devastated countries.“This is a country that was moving towards a peace process, with the promise of elections this June. Renewed attacks against civilians puts the transitional process at risk, and are a disaster for Congolese children,” she added from UNICEF headquarters in New York.The latest fighting between Lendu and Hema militias is part of a larger conflict in the DRC, one of the bloodiest the world has known since World War II, in which some 3.8 million people are thought to have been killed in less than six years, the vast majority of them civilians and the majority of these most probably children.Many have been killed in fighting, but a far greater number have died of disease and starvation. As homes, hospitals and schools have been destroyed, families and communities trying to escape the fighting found themselves without food, water, shelter or other basic services. Some 1.4 million children suffer from some form of malnutrition.Ms. Bellamy called the latest fighting “a lethal step backwards for Congo’s children.”A UNICEF education officer in Bunia, Katya Marino, who has just returned from one of four new UN-guarded sites hosting 50,000 displaced people, said families continue to enter each day. “As soon as you leave Bunia, there is no security beyond those few sites protected by the UN peacekeeping forces. There are armed men, there is a sense of terror, and it is very difficult for us to reach people who need our help.”UNICEF is providing safe water, sanitation facilities, shelter and cooking materials as well as the distribution of high-protein biscuits for vulnerable children at the sites. Planning is underway to vaccinate children against measles and to start an education programme.One of the largest current UN peacekeeping forces, nearly 14,000-strong out of a maximum total of 16,700 military personnel, is at present posted throughout the vast country to monitor ceasefire agreements and help the peace process ahead of this year’s scheduled elections.The Security Council first ordered the deployment of the UN Organization Mission in the DRC (MONUC) in 1999 at much lower strength, reinforcing it several times over the years, mandating its current numbers last October. read more

“This is an important step towards greater transparency by making crucial food security data freely available in open source. In the case of Yemen, where the humanitarian situation is rapidly deteriorating due to continued conflict it is paramount that the data we capture is available to as wide an audience as possible, to inform key decisions,” said WFP Chief Economist Arif Husain in a press release. Collected by WFP’s mobile food security monitoring service (mVAM), the data track a household’s food consumption. The visualization shows how families are coping in the face of hunger and food shortages as the months pass. It can be observed in the visualization that as of March 2016, about 70 per cent of families in each governorate in Yemen are borrowing food or relying on the help of friends and relatives to cope with food insecurity. This proportion is more significant in governorates affected by conflict. WFP and OCHA plan to extend the visualization to show data from other countries. The data are available on OCHA’s Humanitarian Data Exchange (HDX), an open platform for sharing crisis data. The platform includes some 4,000 data sets from humanitarian partners, allowing a range of users – from journalists to policy makers and data scientists – to explore the data and gain insight. “The food security data that WFP shares through HDX is critical to understanding the severity of humanitarian crises around the world,” said Sarah Telford, Head of HDX. “WFP has become a leader in humanitarian data with its innovative approaches to data collection in places like Yemen and its openness to sharing data globally.” WFP and OCHA began collaborating last year when the HDX platform created an interactive visualization for food price data – available on WFP’s VAM Shop. With funding from Google, WFP has also released the Application Programme Interface, which provides open access to large amounts of food security data that it collects in real-time through mobile technology. read more

first_imgGreg and Natalie's paso doble Daisy and Alijaz’s salsa Danny Mac can move can’t he 😳 #Strictly— Harry Judd (@mcflyharry) November 12, 2016 Claudia and AJ's Viennese waltz Greg and Natalie’s paso doble Louise and Kevin's American Smooth Ed!!!!!!!! That hip roll!! The lift! The jump! The blue! This is EPIC. Does he do weddings?! The finish!#bbcstrictly #GangnamStyle— jack monroe (@MxJackMonroe) November 12, 2016 Ore and Joanne’s rumba 7:00PMEd Balls goes Gangnam See Mary Berry is in the audience of #strictlyHollywood is sat at home, in a dark room, drunk on cheap beer and regret.— Scarlet Jones (@scarletbythesea) November 12, 2016 Danny Mac tangos to top but judges were harshThe first male celebrity of the series to tackle the tricky Argentine tango did a terrific job. Danny Mac and Oti Mabuse’s routine was passionate, precise, full of flicks, kicks and difficult technique. Yet judges Craig Revel Horwood and Darcey Bussell gave negative comments, much to the disbelief of the studio audience and many viewers at home. A score of 38 points was still enough to top the leaderboard but this felt like the panel injecting false jeopardy and trying to take the bookies’ favourite down a peg or two. Danny’s tears could have been down to frustration as much as emotion. Danny and Oti's Argentine tango Louise and Kevin’s American Smooth Someone just ripped the roof off the @bbcstrictly ballroom AGAIN!!!! Ladies & Gents.. @edballs. 🕶 #GangnamStyle #wowhttps://t.co/sAOVp9P0Ig pic.twitter.com/O9hRFyIOfm—Ore Oduba (@OreOduba) November 12, 2016 Mary Berry is only there to check out the ‘Frangipane’ #scd #Strictly— Scott (@scottacr) November 12, 2016 They stole the show last week with a near-perfect Argentine tango. Can they match that triumph with this old-school, showbizzy number? Bob Fosse-style black feather fans to open and high kicks. This is great – Louise is bang into the character and singing along, lots of Hollywood style and jazzy flourishes. Slightly camp at times but that’s no bad thing under the glitterball. Spins and lifts to finish. Lovely. Music: ‘Big Spender’ by Shirley BasseyJudges’ verdicts: “You look the part, danced the part, it was the perfect part for you,” says Darcey. “Full of lovely details and a heavenly routine – just try and hold those shoulders down in the lifts.” Len says “You had a couple of fans over there and you’ve got a big fan over here. Right on the money – big spender, big attitude, you’re gonna get a big score. ” Bruno says “vamp it up, this is your leading lady moment, full of little accents, you’ve got it all, baby”. Craig says “my cork was well and truly popped, darling – love the mix of jazz and ballroom. Your confidence has grown, beautifully judged performance”. Judges’ scores: 9, 9, 9, 10 for a total of 37 points – second on the scoreboard Hi I’m Ed Balls and I’m here to save 2016!— Jack Whitehall (@jackwhitehall) November 12, 2016 6:56PMThe B-word used already Roll flamingo ident! Roll recap! Roll Ed Balls’ Laurel and Hardy routine! Bye bye to Laura Whitmore.  Take a swig every time the B-word is used tonight. Warning: you may end up in A&E. Don’t mention the B-wordNo, not Brexit. Nor anything ruder. We’re referring to Blackpool, site of next week’s special episode from the iconic Tower Ballroom. It got so many mentions on this show that even the donkeys on the Pleasure Beach must have been rolling their eyes.Louise looks like Danny’s closest rivalLouise Redknapp topped the standings last week, with Danny Mac in second place. Tonight, those positions were reversed. Louise and pro partner Kevin Clifton closed the show with an American Smooth full of feather boas, high kicks, jazzy flourishes and Hollywood glamour. Having come out of her shy shell, she’s on that thing so beloved by talent contests: “a journey”. With Ore Oduba having dropped down the rankings in recent weeks, she’s looking like a nailed-on finalist and Danny’s main competition for the glitterball trophy.  They equalled their best score with last week’s Viennese waltz. Now it’s a a raw, authentic paso, which should suit Greg’s power and athleticism. Swishy skirtography from Natalie to start, then a leap from Greg and into a routine full of pouty, powerful passion. Lots of walking around, flamenco feel and some faltering footwork but some excellent stomping and a dramatic finish.Music: ‘Tamacun’ by Rodrigo y GabrielaJudges’ verdicts: Bruno coos that it was “strong and virile, difficult section in hold but you lost the shaping and artistry in the arms, my darling”. Craig agrees: “An air of panic about the whole thing which made it feel stiff but I loved the strong, deep, long lunges and stag leap.” Darcey says “You give off natural power, sometimes too much, tuck the hips under more but the shape of the jump was brilliant. There’s a natural performer in you.” Len says “plenty of aggression and attack but lost finesse in the technique.”Judges’ scores: 7, 8, 8, 8 for a total of 31 points – the same as Daisy. 7:35PMOppa Ed Balls style! BBC slaps its own back about Mary BerryDoyenne of dough Mary Berry stayed loyal to the Beeb and declined to follow the Great British Bake-Off to Channel 4. She was duly rewarded with front row Strictly seats, deferential applause, and copious mentions from the judges and presenters. Good bake. Barely a soggy bottom in sight. I trust the tipple-loving Dame Berry is currently enjoying some post-show hospitality in the BBC bar. Deservedly so. Hic. 7:36PMEd and Katya’s salsa Pour yourself a stiff drink – it’s Ed Balls o’clock. Daisy and Alijaz's salsa 7:04PMDaisy and Alijaz’s salsa 8:07PMPhew, what a show Danny and Oti’s Argentine tango 6:55PMAnd we’re off! Danny Mac tops the scoreboard, just ahead of Louise Redknapp. But most people will be talking about that extraordinary Ed Balls routine. As the credits roll on-screen, stay with us for analysis and reaction… 7:57PMLouise and Kevin’s American smooth In a year where the “popular vote” has resulted in much unhappiness – let’s vote @edballs to Blackpool #Strictly— Jonny Geller (@JonnyGeller) November 12, 2016 7:50PMDanny and Oti’s Argentine tango Utter joy #edballs #Strictly— Tracey Thorn (@tracey_thorn) November 12, 2016 center_img Claudia and AJ’s Viennese waltz 6:49PMStrictly’s biggest year ever Found this legendary lady in the Strictly audience; Mary Berry you are the greatest 😍👏🏼… https://t.co/MmJZCDf5dy— Tess Daly (@TessDaly) November 12, 2016 Danny Mac tops leaderboard for fierce Argentine tangoLouise Redknapp in second spot after jazzy American SmoothEd Balls bottom again but his hilarious Gangnam Style salsa breaks the internetEight remaining couples bidding to get through to next week’s Blackpool special A shock appearance in the dance-off last time, so can they bounce back? The rumba is notoriously tricky for celebrity males, as it’s slow, controlled and full of technique. A romantic rather than sexy rumba, with face-stroking and nice storytelling. Lots of walking, expressive arms and it picks up pace midway through. Nice dips and drags. Lacks a little continuous hip action but excellent effort on a difficult dance.Music: ‘Ordinary People’ by John LegendJudges’ verdicts: Darcey says it was “tender, romantic, seamless moves and lovely arm extensions”. Len says “your timing impressed me the most, it had mood and atmosphere but you could have improved your foot action”. Bruno says it was “expressive, musical, caring and loving”. Craig says he “hit it too hard and lost fluidity but very expressive and evocative”.Judges’ scores: 8, 9, 9, 9 for a total of 35 points. Top of the scoreboard so far. Slightly over-marked due to last week’s dance-off shocker, I’d suggest.  Laurel and Hardy last week. Now Ed’s in an electric blue Psy suit with black piping, dancing a salsa to the novelty 2012 hit, incorporating the viral video’s famous moves. Disco dad dance moves but a hip swivel and he didn’t drop her during the lift, which is an improvement. The famous “invisible horse” and Ed is milking this for entertainment factor. A lift and roll-down. And then a floor slide through Katya’s legs to finish. Huge reception in the studio. Extraordinary scenes. Music: ‘Gangnam Style’ by PsyJudges’ verdicts: Len looks shellshocked: “There’s always a sense of anticipation when you’re coming out and I enjoy watching you. It was entertaining and if you don’t make it to Blackpool, the show will lose a lot of fun.” Bruno feels “queasy and queer”. Ed says the pelvic thrust was “for you”. “It’s the best worst dance I’ve seen.” Craig says: `’Three latter, darling: OMG.” Darcey says “that without fail will go down in Strictly history”. Everyone on the Clauditorium balcony greets the couple with the invisible horse move. Judges’ scores: 4, 7, 8, 6 for a total of 25 points. His first 8 from Len. Enough to get him to Blackpool? I reckon so.  9:18PMSaturday night dance-by-dance The pocket rockets get romantic. As a northern ballroom lad, AJ is keen to get to Blackpool – and Claudia’s never been. Can they bag two tickets ticket north with this loving dance? Lots of solo sections and then into a spinning waltz with lots of footwork flourishes for Len. Ropy song choice but solid routine. Music: ‘Breakaway’ by Kelly ClarksonJudges’ verdicts: Bruno says “Strictly adorable, lovely flow, gorgeous”. Craig says “fantastic movement and flow, gaw-jus”. Darcey says she “kept in character throughout, smooth and serene”. Len says “great maturity, wonderful style, a lovely performance”. Judges’ scores: 9, 9, 9, 9 for a total of 36 points – top of the leaderboard.  Time to meet the stars of out show. Not much in the way of fancy dress tonight – unless you count Ed Balls in an electric blue suit with black trim, in tribute to South Korean rapper Psy. Time for our weekly comparison of the co-presenters’ frocks. Tess Daly in red knee-length. Claudia Winkleman in high-necked asymmetric black. Claudia shades it. Both sporting poppies, obviously. Ore and Joanne's rumba The Judge notched his highest score last week but this is an even bigger dance for him, as it has personal significance: his grandparents Harry and Frances, both in their 90s, have come to watch and it’s their favourite dance. Awww. A classic ballroom number to a Frank Sinatra standard. Cute picnic-in-the-park theme. I’d like to see more movement around the floor, this is slightly stately but has a sweetly sophisticated quality. Some of the Judge’s trademark faces towards the end. Respectable but not spectacular. Wonder if the grandparents’ presence will get him sympathy points? Music: ‘You Make Me Feel So Young’ by Harry Connick JrJudges’ verdicts: Craig says “it lacked swing and sway but at least I can look at your face now”. Darcey says “you improve each week, there was flow and guide, kept the shoulders down, you really stretched yourself and are becoming a real dancer, great job”. Len says “you made it a walk in the park, light and fluffy as a Mary Berry soufflé with no soggy bottom, your best dance”. Bruno says “you lost flow at times but I enjoyed seeing gorgeous Robert”. Judges’ scores: 7, 9, 9, 8 for a total of 33 points. Same as last week. A tad generous. 7:12PMGreg and Natalie’s paso doble 7:44PMClaudia and AJ’s Viennese waltz Ed Balls boosts flagging national moraleOppa Ed Balls style! When news emerged that Ed Balls and his pro partner Katya Jones would be dancing a salsa to Psy’s novelty hit Gangnam Style, we knew we were in for a treat. So it proved – exactly what the nation needed on a rainy evening at the end of a dispiriting week. Resplendent in an electric blue suit, the dad-dancing politician threw everything at this routine. There were invisible horse-riding moves, there were hip-thrusts at the judges (don’t have nightmares, Bruno Tonioli), there were lifts – and thankfully, this time Balls didn’t nearly drop poor Katya. It left Len Goodman speechless and nearly caused social networks to crash. A score of 25 points still saw “Disco Balls” bottom of the leaderboard, six points adrift – but Ed’s sheer entertainment value will surely see him through to Blackpool. One last hurrah in the Tower Ballroom, then bye-bye? That’s not Mary Berry on Strictly. Channel 4 are testing out their new Mary Berry robot ahead of the new series of Bake Off. #Strictly— Weather Fairy (@ctweatherfairy) November 12, 2016 Good evening and welcome to our Strictly Come Dancing liveblog for week eight. It’s showtime at 6.55pm on BBC One, when our 8 surviving couples take to the ballroom floor, bidding to make it through to next week’s Blackpool special. Last week, it was a case of remember, remember the 5th of November. There were fireworks in the ballroom as five maximum “10” paddles were held aloft and six couples notched their highest scores yet. Louise Redknapp topped the leaderboard with a near-perfect 39pts for the first Argentine Tango of the series. Laura Whitmore was eliminated after shock dance-off against Ore Oduba, while Ed Balls’ Laurel & Hardy routine saw him sail safely through againTonight, the bright lights of Blackpool in sight, as the eight surviving couples aim for next weekend’s annual trip north to the iconic Tower Ballroom. Danny Mac will dance this year’s second Argentine Tango. At the other end of the choreographic quality scale, we’ll get to see Ed Balls salsa-ing to Gangnam Style. Daisy Lowe and Greg Rutherford are bookies’ favourites for the bottom two but we could be in for another shock.We’ll be liveblogging from 6.30pm, providing build-up, rolling coverage, recaps and analysis, so watch along with us. Please join in too – you can email me on michael.hogan@ telegraph.co.uk or tweet me on @michaelhogan. I’ll keep an eye on both and report the highlights here. Nearly time to staaaaaaart dancing… They were relieved to escape the dance-off last week after two in a row. Now it’s a fun, frisky disco salsa to open the show. Scooby van prop and Daisy’s sporting a psychedelic print dress. Leggy, good timing and sychronisation but I’m not sure there’s enough salsa hip rotation for the judges. Spectacular lifts and spicy spirit, though. Music:  ‘Groove Is In The Heart’ by Deee-LiteJudges’ verdicts: Len says he was “twitching and gyrating throughout, you sold it well and danced through the little blunder”. Bruno says “The looks! The legs! The lifts! Easy sex appeal and Mary Berry (who’s in the studio audience) would approve. I loved the retro Seventies styling”. Craig says the “footwork was haphazard, it was disjointed, loved the leg extensions, lifts great but sticky transitions”. Darcey says “soften the knees to help your balance”.Judges’ scores: 7, 8, 8, 8 for a total of 31 points. Not her best. Dance-off danger? Ore Oduba and Judge Rinder over-markedAfter early pace-setter Ore Oduba’s shock appearance in the bottom two last week, the judges seemed to be deliberately over-praising him to keep him in the contest. Ore’s romantic rumba was highly respectable but nowhere near as spectacular as the panel’s gushing implied. Judge Rinder also seemed to be treated generously – surely influenced by the fact that his proud grandparents, both in their 90s, were in the studio audience. His foxtrot was pleasant enough but was it really two points better than Daisy Lowe’s salsa or Greg Rutherford’s paso doble? I’d venture not.  6:38PMOppa Ed Balls style! If ever we needed a little light relief, it’s this week. Even Ed Balls says sitting down for Strictly on a Saturday night will act as a soothing balm to bring us back together. Just 15 minutes until showtime… The current series of Strictly Come Dancing is officially the most popular in the programme’s 12-year history. An average of 10.9m viewers have so far tuned into the Saturday night show – the highest ever figure at the halfway point of a series. Five minutes until that ba-ba-daa theme tune… 6:57PMFrockwatch I am almost admiring @edballs for @bbcstrictly now. Let’s face it now in this world he could win.If Trump can do it so can Ed— Lord Sugar (@Lord_Sugar) November 12, 2016 7:18PMJudge Rinder and Katya’s foxtrot Here’s your recap of all the ballroom action… Balls for PM— Sue Perkins (@sueperkins) November 12, 2016 Ed Balls is the hero we both need and deserve in these dark political times #SCD #StrictlyComeDancing— Liss (@AliciaFayeMyers) November 12, 2016 Daisy and Greg in dance-off danger?Model Daisy Lowe and long-jumper Greg Rutherford finished joint second bottom of the scoreboard, six points above Ed Balls. But assuming the pelvic-thrusting politician gets viewer votes for his demented dancing and sheer entertainment value, these two look most at risk. Daisy has already survived two dance-offs but it could be third time unlucky. Greg’s been lingering around the lower reaches of the leaderboard for a few weeks now but is he popular enough to be hauled clear? If so, Judge Rinder or Ore Oduba could come into the reckoning. The Sunday night results show airs at 7.15pm on BBC One, so please rejoin us on the liveblog then. And in the meantime, of course, keeeeeeep dancing!  They got their first 10s for last week’s fast, furious jive. Now it’s the second Argentine tango of the series – but Louise and Kevin have set the bar high. Gangster-and-moll theme with the requisite flicks and kicks. Slick and sensuous with lovely lifts, synchronisation and sharp footwork. Fast and fierce spins as the music gathers pace. One of those routines where you forget which one’s the pro. Superb.Music: ‘I Heard it Through the Grapevine’ by Marvin GayeJudges’ verdicts: “You need more of an A-frame, need to lead with the solar plexus not the arms, a bit too aggressive… but incredible”. Darcey says it was “frantic, busy, a little too aggressive. The technique was stunning but I wanted more still moments”. Bit harsh. Len says “the clarity and precision, the pain and passion – it swept me away, brilliant”. More like it. Bruno coos about “stallions, storytelling, arguments, precision – it was a killer Argentine tango”.Judges’ scores: 9, 9, 10, 10 for a total of 38 points – top of the leaderboard. Danny’s tearful 7:29PMOre and Joanne’s rumba 6:58PMBlackpool drinking game 6:41PMForget Donald Trump, let’s dance We don’t mean Brexit. We mean Blackpool. Expect next week’s Tower Ballroom special to get mentioned A LOT tonight. last_img

first_imgA TOP GARDA has outlined to TheJournal.ie how the new the Small Areas Policing Programme being trialled in part of inner city Dublin works.As part of the approach, gardaí are assigned to between 150 to 600 homes where they get to know residents and talk to them about how the feel the area is policed and quality of life issues.Residents are asked a range of different questions. But is this a valuable use of garda time and resources or should their role be focused solely on crime?Poll, Should gardaí be tasked with improving quality of living?  Don’t know (337) No (2092) Yes (2307)center_img Poll Results: YesNoDon’t knowVotelast_img read more

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship Minister Nicholas Kotsiras has been forced to intervene in a Muslim conference, fearing state racial and religious vilification laws could be broken. Organisers of the major Muslim conference in Melbourne this month have been warned they could face prosecution if laws are breached. Mr Kotsiras has called Victorian Multicultural Commissioner Chin Tan to speak to organisers and said “Organisers of any event are responsible for the conduct of individuals or speakers (under the state Racial and Religious Tolerance Act).” “I’ve asked him to explain to them that we live in a multicultural state and that our aim is to ensure that individuals, groups and communities are able to live in peace and harmony with each other,” he said. Among the speakers is Dr Abdul Rahman al-Sudais, imam of one of Mecca’s holiest mosques, who has reportedly made anti-Semitic comments.last_img read more

Avengers Endgame Writers Detail Major Script Challenges at SDCC 2019

first_imgStay on target ‘Death Saves’ D&D Streetwear: Interview With Designer D…Wesley Snipes Says ‘It’s All Good’ With Marvel Studios’ ‘Blade’ Reboot Film Avengers: Endgame was one of the top performing movies of 2019, yet developing the film was not an easy process for writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely.On Friday, the duo discussed the biggest script challenges with Avengers: Endgame at San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC). During a panel held in Hall H, Markus and McFeely described their Marvel journey and what it would take to create one of the most popular superhero films of all time, Polygon noted.#AvengersEndgame writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely talked “Writing Avengers: Endgame” at #SDCC #HallH and brought visuals! Take a look at BTS images of their writer’s room. pic.twitter.com/xcLvTbYgva— Marvel Studios (@MarvelStudios) July 19, 2019“Your first reaction is panic,” Markus told attendees. “If it’s bad, because you will be very embarrassed one year, and then you have to wait around and have to be embarrassed next year.”Avengers: Endgame ended up with a solid script, however, according to the duo, it took multiple drafts, including the shooting draft, to achieve what they were looking for. Markus noted how Marvel Studios will fine tune movies until they hit theaters and how the Avengers: Endgame storyline was tweaked multiple times.“There’s a lot of trial and error on these [movies],” McFeely said during the panel. Both writers described how Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame eventually came together, however, they admitted that an all-hands-on-deck moment put things into perspective and kickstarted another creative direction.“Marvel knows how to foster the writing of the movie. They’re not a panic-based company,” Markus explained. “A lot of companies in Hollywood freak out after a first draft.”SO cool we were allowed to take a pic of this brainstorming session done by the writers! #AvengersEndgame #SDCC2019 #SDCC50 #MarvelStudios #HallH @MarvelStudios @SD_Comic_Con pic.twitter.com/efTnAgiwGc— Jennifer Saturday @ SDCC (@JCSaturday) July 19, 2019Before tackling the plots of Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, the duo put together a giant board that listed all available characters, objects, and references that were still important to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).Even though the board was helpful, it couldn’t solve all of the script’s bumps, including whether or not certain characters should die. But after weeks of conversations, the thought of killing Thanos became more of a good approach for the Avengers: Endgame storyline, considering he changes everyone’s fate throughout the film.“Killing him helps him as a character,” Markus said. “It cements the fact that he’s doing this for his stated purpose. He’s done! And that’s the most shattering thing for the Avengers.”More on Geek.com:Top Movie and TV Trailers to Watch From SDCC 2019 What to Expect From the Marvel Cinematic Universe at SDCC 2019Marvel Posts ‘Dawn of X’ Teaser on Twitter Before SDCC 2019last_img read more

Grand Turk Cruise businesses meet with Govt next Carnival

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppGrand Turk, TCI, January 20, 2017 – Cruise ship arrivals are significantly down for Grand Turk and the cruise ship experience is significantly compromised too; and the PDM Government says the former PNP Administration was not moving expeditiously enough to resolve the various issues.The country learned from the Premier that Carnival Cruise lines, Grand Turk vendors and Government were at an impasse on how to resolve reports of harassment and accusations of unfairness.   A meeting has already been held between vendors in the Capitol and the new administration, next is a session with Carnival.It was promised by the Premier that the objective is to reach common ground and to restore Grand Turk as the #1 cruise destination; GT has reportedly dropped to being fifth. Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Recommended for you Related Items:#CarnivalGrandTurk, #MagneticNewsMedia TCI Premier blasts Opposition side for “slop” information, sets it straight in HOAcenter_img Bahamas Police Commissioner Greenslade gone to UK, appointed as High Commissioner Nearly 30 Haitians caught following illegal landing in Nassau, says Defence Force #MagneticNewsMedia #CarnivalGrandTurklast_img read more

Borussia Dortmund supersub Paco Alcacer leaves match with injury

first_imgPaco Alcacer became the first player in Bundesliga history to score 10 goals as a substitute in one season and has since added two more strikes to his record.Borussia Dortmund’s Paco Alcacer has been on fire since arriving at the German club on loan from Barcelona. He has 12 goals in less than 500 minutes, averaging a goal every 30 minutes, according to Goal.Jadon SanchoMerson believes Arsenal should sign Sancho Manuel R. Medina – September 14, 2019 Borussia Dortmund winger Jadon Sancho might be the perfect player to play for the Gunners, according to former England international Paul Merson.His current form saw him earn a start in Dortmund’s 2-1 win over Borussia M’gladbach, but the Spanish striker had to leave the pitch with an unfortunate injury. Alcacer was devastated about the right leg injury, holding his face in his hands when he sat on the bench.Borussia Dortmund – current Bundesliga leaders – has yet to announce the severity of Alcacer’s injury. The club will undoubtedly work to get Alcacer back on the pitch as soon as possible.last_img read more

Dr Hart becomes first San Diegan to join the Cyber Warfare Engineer

first_img Posted: April 26, 2018 April 26, 2018 Dr. Hart becomes first San Diegan to join the Cyber Warfare Engineer Officer Program 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsSAN DIEGO (KUSI) — A swearing-in ceremony took place Thursday aboard the USS Midway as the U.S. Navy appointed a new Cyber Warfare Engineer.Dr. Brian Hart became the first local to join the Cyber Warfare Engineer Officer program.He said even though the assignment comes with a lot of pressure, it’s something he felt compelled to do.“I am going full-time active duty because I love this country and I just am terrified of what is happening viz. Russia/North Korea etc. and my hope is to be in a place where I can help protect and defend the citizens of this great Nation with what I know and can do,” Dr. Hart said.Dr. Hart is a Ph.D. Astrophysicist and a computer software expert.He also served in the U.S. Army National Guard. KUSI Newsroom center_img Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitter KUSI Newsroom, Updated: 10:43 AMlast_img read more

23 favour Isastyle tax system for pensions

first_imgLess than a quarter (23%) of respondents would opt for an individual savings account (Isa)-style system for pensions after gaining a full understanding of the tax implications, compared to an initial 41%, according to research by Aviva.Its survey of 2,000 working adults found that the number of respondents that prefer the current system of tax relief for pensions increased from 20% to 34% after it was explained that contributions are paid from a taxed income under the Isa-style system.The research also found that 59% of respondents were unable to correctly identify how Isas are taxed, with the highest degree of understanding among older respondents. While 51% of respondents aged 55 and over understand how Isas are taxed, this figure falls to 24% among the under 25s.Andy Briggs (pictured), chief executive officer UK and Ireland Life at Aviva, said: “Our research again shows that people are confused. Pensions and the tax system around them can be difficult to understand and that can act as a barrier to people saving more for their retirement. ”Many people have heard of Isas and many will probably feel quite comfortable with it being associated with pension saving. But as the survey suggests, most people don’t know how they work and when they do, their support drops.“Showing that younger people are least likely to be clear on how different saving products work is important. The younger someone starts saving for a pension, the more money they are likely to have when they come to retire, and the less likely they are to need to put away huge chunks of their salary in their 40s, 50s and 60s.”last_img read more

Investigative reporter Carmel Cafiero retires after 43 years at Channel 7

first_img“If you know anything about my background, if you know anything about my background, then you’d leave me alone,” the club’s owner said.THE CONFRONTATIONS: Some people may have tried to hide from the law, but they couldn’t hide from Carmel.“Don’t run from me… Don’t you think as a public official, you ought to answer our questions?,” Carmel said during an investigation.“I’m wondering how you’re able to park in a disabled spot?,” she told officials.Self-proclaimed celebrity psychic, Miss Cleo, never saw Carmel coming. The state said customers were deceived nationwide.“I think you are quite finished. Thank you, my dear,” Cleo told Carmel. “I cannot be a coward. If you are a captain of a ship, you are not a coward. Come on, this is a joke,” the Captain said.THE IMPACT:“You think back about the kind of impact that she’s had — whether it was after Hurricane Andrew, helping change the building code — She went down there and covered so much of that”“This is your roof, right? This is what your roof was made up of?” Cafiero said.Carmel covered the heartache after hurricanes that devastated both of her hometowns.“I was born and raised in and around New Orleans. Coming back now is both a heartbreaking and a heartwarming journey.”Carmel also went a long way in helping to save a South Florida woman from herself. The inside Selma Shapiro’s home was a literal nightmare. Everything, covered in pigeon and rat droppings, and hundreds of rats dead and alive. THE EXCLUSIVES:Days after our country was attacked on September 11, 2001, Carmel was the first reporter who got a look inside terrorist Mohamed Atta’s former Hollywood apartment.“It will take more than soap and water to scrub away the stains and the ghosts left behind by the terrorists responsible for our national nightmare.”From the streets of South Florida to towns across the globe, Carmel went the distance to get the big stories.In 1997, she tracked down disgraced former Miami-Dade Commissioner Joe Gersten, down under in Australia, after he took off rather than face a civil contempt of court charge.In 2013, Carmel traveled to a small town in Italy to interview the captain of one of the worst cruise ship disasters in history.“They’ve called you this, ‘Chicken of the Sea.’ They’ve called you ‘Captain Coward,” Carmel said. Investigative reporter Carmel Cafiero is retiring after 43 years at 7News. Cafiero plans on spending more time with her family and her 155-pound Rottweiler dog named Bear. Carmel joined Channel 7, then called WCKT, in 1973 as a general assignment reporter, becoming the first female journalist at our station!*Please click PLAY in the video above to see our special tribute for Carmel*Below is a highlight of Cafiero’s astonishing career at 7News:The Carmel Cafiero you know, is the tough, no nonsense, won’t take “no comment” for an answer.“How can you justify giving out a million oxycodone pills? Don’t touch the camera, don’t touch the camera!,” Cafiero said in one of her investigations.She’s always on the case and usually on someone’s tail.“Mr. Rodriguez, where are you going? Wait, mister,” Cafiero said. It took a monumental effort by many generous people to turn Selma’s life around.“I didn’t realize that people actually cared about me. I thought no one cared about me, but I found out differently,” Selma Shapiro told Carmel when she helped her.Carmel did care about Selma and continues to care about South Florida.“I’m Carmel Cafiero from Channel 7, can you tell me who is in charge here? That’s not a tough question.”Although that question may have not been, in 43 years there were plenty of tough questions asked in Carmel Cafiero’s never-ending hunt for the truth.“I am grateful for you allowing me into your homes and for WSVN for giving me that opportunity. I may be hanging up the microphone but never on South Florida… so, stay tuned!”Click here to see Carmel’s recent investigations. UNLICENSED DOCTORS:In one of Carmel’s first big stories, she wore a wig and went undercover to expose unlicensed doctors who performed abortions and clinic workers who told women they were pregnant when they weren’t. Carmel was told she was pregnant based on a urine sample from her male photographer.THE CONSUMER SPECIALIST: There are plenty of people looking to separate South Floridians from their money. It’s true now, and back when Carmel was earning her stripes as our station’s consumer specialist.“Airlines, rental cars, insurance, credit, how do you deal with them all?”CHINESE DRY WALL:And sometimes, the “deal” really did stink. Carmel exposed defective Chinese drywall being used in thousands of South Florida homes and condos. center_img If you’d like to leave a message for Carmel, you can email her at clue@wsvn.comCopyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. “We have pictures of people snorting, shooting up in this parking lot after coming out of your clinic. I mean, what do you have to say about what’s going on here?,” Cafiero said in a previous story.“I don’t think you’re right,” the clinic owner said.But Carmel was right, and some clinic operators and doctors paid the price with their freedom.The series earned Carmel one of the most prestigious honors in journalism, the Dupont-Columbia University Award. More importantly, for Carmel, it meant lives were saved and helped change the law.“One of the things that her stories were critical for, we got that prescription drug monitoring program. It was passed by the Florida legislature, mainly because of the media attention that Carmel brought to the problem,” Al Lamberti, former BSO Sheriff said.Carmel also brought attention to another problem. Undercover video showed young teens barely dressed and overdosing outside a Pompano Beach nightclub.She caught up with the club’s owner, who was a convicted felon. THE TRAILBLAZER:Carmel Cafiero is a New Orleans native, she worked in radio before landing at WAFB in Baton Rouge, where she was the first woman to anchor an evening newscast in Louisiana.Then it was on to South Florida for another first. Carmel joined Channel 7, then called WCKT, in 1973 as a general assignment reporter, becoming the first female journalist at our station.“She was certainly a trailblazer at this station and in the industry, without a doubt,” Edmund Ansin, Owner of WSVN-TV said.Without a doubt in newsrooms, like in many other work places at the time, there were mostly men.“Not only was she breaking stories, she was breaking ceilings with who she was and the quality of her professionalism,” Katherine Fernandez Rundle, Miami-Dade State Attorney told 7News.“The thing that I find rewarding about my work is informing people, and if by informing people we can avoid one person from being hurt or taken in, then it’s a success,” Cafiero said. She warned about pet jerky treats from China that were blamed for the deaths of hundreds of dogs. Carmel also pulled the cover off a dirty secret inside some used mattresses being sold as new.“We found dirt, we found stains, we found hair, we even found stains on cardboard in the children’s mattress,” Cafiero said.THE INVESTIGATOR: “It’s the biggest story that I can ever recall as far as our television station, with the video that they shot,” Bob Leider, former WSVN general manager said.In 2008, Carmel blew the lid off an unfolding national epidemic, and Broward County was ground zero.“It was a scourge on our community. Seven Floridians a day were dying from overdoses,” Al Lamberti, former Broward County Sheriff said.Millions of highly addictive prescription painkillers flowed freely from clinics to people. Many from out of state, who used, abused and sold them. last_img read more

first_imgMatfie McCarr (Photo by Avery Lill, KDLG – Dillingham)Christmas lights are up and a chilly wind is blowing on a snowy December day in downtown Dillingham. A gentle, smiling 61-year-old man hanging near the grocery store finishes off a cigarette butt he rescued from the trash. Then Matfie McCarr pulls out a harmonica with crushed metal sides that changes its tone and blows a few notes. He’s thankful for the company his music keeps during lonely hours at his camp.Listen Now“That’s really helped my thoughts,” McCarr said.McCarr is homeless, one of just a few in Dillingham during the winter. A long road brought him here, but it’s a road he said he has chosen to follow.Born in Old Koliganek in 1955, McCarr remembers moving to Dillingham after the Great Alaskan earthquake of 1964. He went to boarding school, then to the Sheldon Jackson College in Sitka where he studied religion and land management. In Sitka, he married, started a family, and worked a variety of jobs — everything from construction to teaching to fishing.Drugs and alcohol took their toll, and he spent some time in prison. In 2002, McCarr moved back to Dillingham, and has been homeless mostly ever since.His camp is an abandoned shipping container that offers a little protection from the elements, though he admits it gets cold and wet. Thoughts of his children and family punctuate the isolation.“I don’t have a radio,” McCarr said. “The only thing I have is a harmonica and a Bible, of course.”When his neck is warm, he sleeps better. So sometimes he has to choose between sleeping with his socks on his feet and wearing them like a scarf. Other nights, it’s just too cold to sleep.“I would wake up certain hours early in the morning and, you know, just wondering about time because I don’t wear a watch,” McCarr said. “But I get up when I start feeling my muscles start jerking or getting cramped.”When that happens, McCarr gathers his things and walks through town to keep his blood circulating. Normally, he can count on one meal a day from the senior center, and sometimes people give him food. Other times he digs scraps out of the dumpster, and said one can learn to “read” food from the garbage to avoid getting sick. But health is a concern.About a month ago, McCarr said, he had an operation to remove his colon. Now he’s on a lot of medication, and it’s been hard to keep up his weight. That’s important when you’re living outdoors and need the insulation and energy.As McCarr reflects on being homeless, the word he uses most often is choice. Choices that he has made in the past and the ones he makes every day.“Everybody goes through different things in lifestyle,” McCarr said. “We don’t know what it holds for each person. It’s their own choosing what they want, and this was my own choosing what I wanted.”Yet, for all his pleasant pride in living life on his own terms, McCarr acknowledged that some of his choices were not good ones, nor easy. Thinking on the circumstances that brought him to a life on the streets does bother him.“It’s been eating me inside, which I never talk about for a long time,” McCarr said. “It do involve alcohol, and it involves drugs. It involves losing jobs and marriage, so I can’t go back to those things every day like I want to, and I have to make that choice for myself.”McCarr said there are things he chooses not to worry much about, like whether he will ask a relative for a place to stay for the night, or when he will look for work. Nor does he spend much time worrying over the past.“I learned not to think backwards,” McCarr says. “That’s the most important thing in life. You can’t look at yesterday. You can look at today, but you can’t look at tomorrow.”Today has enough choices to make, like when to get up and move to beat the cold, where to look for a bite to eat, and how to stay clear of drugs and alcohol. Winning these battles won’t fix the past and won’t lead to a better future. But they have kept this amiable elder going into his sixties, including the last 14 years on the streets. Life isn’t great, but with his harmonica and a song to sing, Matfie McCarr says it really isn’t all that bad either.last_img read more

first_imgA ground motion visualization of the Gulf of Alaska earthquake on Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2018 (Courtesy of Alaska Earthquake Center)A 7.9 magnitude earthquake in the Gulf of Alaska early Tuesday prompted emergency alerts from the National Tsunami Warning Center in Palmer, as well as state emergency management officials.Listen nowHundreds of Alaskans in coastal communities evacuated their homes in the middle of the night. Residents of Anchorage, where there is little threat of a tsunami, received tsunami warnings on their cell phones anyway.In the end, even on the coast, the water level shifted less than a foot.Still, nobody knew that when the earthquake struck.“It felt like the entire tower up on the 15th floor was swaying in a big circle,” Lauren Bell said. Bell is visiting Anchorage for a symposium and staying at the Hotel Captain Cook. “I felt like you kind of feel when you’re out on the water on a small boat and the waves are rolling by and you’re kind of trying to keep your balance. The shades were clacking, clacking, clacking.”Originally from Homer, Bell is a marine ecologist and now lives in Sitka. She knows about the danger of tsunamis. So, like many people in Anchorage who got the alert on her cell phone warning of a tsunami, she wondered: Am I in danger? What about my loved ones on the coast?In Anchorage, next to relatively shallow Cook Inlet, not so much. But in places like Sitka and Kodiak, those cell phone alerts and the broader Emergency Alert System caused hundreds of people to leave their homes and head for higher ground as tsunami warning sirens blared.It took a couple hours to learn they were not in danger and that the waves caused by the earthquake peaked at less that a foot.Peggy Johnson, a watch stander at the National Tsunami Warning Center, said the tsunami was small because of the type of earthquake that occurred.“Because there was no vertical motion, or very minimal vertical motion, there was no significant tsunami generated,” Johnson said.The Warning Center had seismic data about the quake’s location and size within four minutes, and a computer model showed what areas were at risk, Johnson said. The Warning Center has the ability to trigger various alerts, including the cell phone alerts, which is what happened soon after the earthquake, she said.“When it’s this large we have to send out a message that, in this case, for the size of the event and the location, it involved a warning and advisory for basically all the coastline of Alaska,” Johnson said.Johnson said she has some concerns that Alaskans might not take the next tsunami warning seriously, but added that the Warning Center prefers to take a cautious approach.“We’d rather evacuate more people when we didn’t really have to but they’re safe, rather than to do the opposite of being conservative and not evacuate when we should have,” Johnson said.Even with advanced computer modeling of tsunamis, state Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management spokesperson Jeremy Zidek said it is difficult to know for sure how large the tsunami waves might be. And with larger earthquakes, the risk is too great to delay warnings until all the information comes in, he said.“We can’t wait until those first waves start to arrive and we know that it’s a severe tsunami wave to evacuate people,” Zidek said. “We have to evacuate them in advance.”Alerts about a tsunami pinged Anchorage cell phones because the zones for such alerts overlap, and the state errs on the side of alerting more people rather than fewer, Zidek said.State emergency managers are still putting together an after-action review by talking to the people they were working with in the affected communities, Zidek said. After catching up on sleep, that was happening through the day Tuesday, and it will evolve into a more comprehensive look at how their alert system worked and how communities received the notifications, he said.“Initially, when we look at it, they did take action, they followed their evacuation plans, and it looks like people heeded those warnings. That is how the system is supposed to work, and we’re glad that that happened,” Zidek said.Whether there’s an official warning or not, emergency management officials say that if an earthquake lasts for 30 seconds or more, or if it’s so strong it’s difficult to stand, people in coastal communities should evacuate, heading inland and to higher ground as quickly as possible.last_img read more

TAFRC allows interim fee hike in unaided private colleges

first_imgHyderabad: Telangana Admission and Fee Regulation Committee (TAFRC) has given a tentative increase of 15 to 20 per cent increase in the existing fee structure of professional colleges. The TAFRC held a meeting with the management of the Private Unaided Professional Colleges here on Saturday, on the issue of fixing tuition fee for the block period 2019-2022. Also Read – Farmers stage rasta roko against urea shortage in Kamareddy Advertise With Us Following the discussions, the Committee said in the wake of the commencement of the certificate verification process of the Telangana State Engineering, Agriculture and Medical Common Entrance Test -2019 (TS EAMCET-2019), it was decided to give a tentative increase in the fee for which the college management had agreed. Accordingly, the colleges which have a fee structure of Rs 50,000 will be allowed to add a 15 per cent hike. Similarly, the colleges which have a fee of less than Rs 50,000 can add 20 per cent to the existing fee structure. Also Read – Ramagundam: Focus on company’s growth, community development Advertise With Us The interim hike will be notified for each college during the web counselling to enable the students to exercise their options to take admissions in the colleges of their choice. Disclosing this after the meeting the TAFRC, officials said that the interim arrangement is being made for a period of about two months or so. A final decision on the fixation of the fee will be taken after going through the audited reports and other documents submitted by the colleges along with their proposals seeking a fee hike. Until the final fee fixation, the interim fee hike would be implemented, they added.last_img read more

first_img[Representational image]TwitterThe Election Commission’s indelible ink for the 2019 Lok Sabha election is not that indelible after all! The ink is applied on the finger of the voter immediately after casting the vote and is supposed to stay for at least 72 hours. It is supposed to let the polling officers know that the person has voted and can’t cast another one. However, Twitter is abuzz with users showing how the ink can be removed with a nail polish remover. This discovery could cause many complications and could also render the elections invalid since removing the ink can allow the person to cast their vote twice.The Election Commission has responded saying that there is no merit in the complaints. While many thought that it is exclusive to the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the case was the same for the 2014 elections as well.The Times of India reported in 2014 that the indelible ink washes off with acetone. The ink is provided to the Election Commission by the Mysore Paints and Varnish Company Ltd.The experiment was reportedly done by Mumbai-based journalist and Right to Information activist Rajan Alimchandani who managed to remove it after at least an hour of scrubbing.While some people showed evidence of the removal of the “semi-permanent” ink with nail polish, some users also said that a simple shower could do the trick.A Twitter user from Telangana said that he will remove the ink after voting, and if he is successful, he will vote again for the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS).Here are is a reaction to the ink washing off:How indelible is the indelible ink ? @IndiaAheadNews @shru_mathur finds out. Didn’t the @SpokespersonECI have any INK-ling about this ? pic.twitter.com/8k2Muo8rFU— Sanket संकेत (@sanket) April 11, 2019last_img read more

first_img This new laser weapon from Lockheed Martin looks terrifying, known as ATHENA (Advanced Test High Energy Asset), the weapon successfully burnt through and crashed five drones. The video shows the laser burning through the tail section of the first drone. Watch Lockheed Martins lethal new laser weapon take down an airborne drone IBTimes VideoRelated VideosMore videos Play VideoPauseMute0:01/0:28Loaded: 0%0:01Progress: 0%Stream TypeLIVE-0:27?Playback Rate1xChaptersChaptersDescriptionsdescriptions off, selectedSubtitlessubtitles settings, opens subtitles settings dialogsubtitles off, selectedAudio Trackdefault, selectedFullscreenThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window. COPY LINKAD Loading …center_img Closelast_img read more

first_imgOYO Rooms founder Ritesh AgarwalRitesh Agarwal, CEO of Oyo Hotels and Homes, has set up a firm in the Cayman Islands to steer funding flow to his hospitality chain as well as spearhead the share buyback plan that’s in the works. The Cayman-based company, RA Hospitality, will drive investments into the Oyo Hotels even as Agarwal is in talks with Japanese funds for potential investment. As per a filing to the Competition Commission of India, RA Hospitality was named as the acquirer while Oravel Stays, the parent company of Oyo, was the target, the Economic Times reported. Agarwal has been looking to get a fresh funding of about $1.5 billion from Japanese financial services firm Nomura. The funds would help him buy back shares from Sequoia and Lightspeed Venture Partners and theeby increase his stake in the company he founded in 2013. He has also been in talks with other global investors and NBFCs for the large funding. Oyo RoomsPhoto credits: ReutersAccording to the ET, the successful transaction and the buybacks will help Agarwal raise his stake to 32 percent from about 10 percent currently.In addition to the $1.5 billion funds, there might be a transaction of about $500 million for the exchange of stake, the report said. .last_img read more

first_imgThere’s no denying that while Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune was a fantastic games, the follow-up title was what pushed the franchise to new heights and built a massive fan base. And the pressure is now on Naughty Dog to deliver again with Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception.We’ve already seen the first mini-trailer for the game, and now it seems a series of behind-the-scenes videos are going to be released. If done right, this should help satiate the needs of fans desperate to play the next game, while at the same time building momentum as the launch day approaches.In this first video we just get to meet a few members of the development team, as well as see the actors and the motion capture area. There isn’t much game on display, but we expect that to change in part two, and hope for a few more such videos next year.Read more at Joystiqlast_img read more