June 2017

now why food is so popular, leading to a higher level, this is because human activities cannot do without interpersonal communication, and Chinese since ancient times both friends and relatives to meet or business talks are solved in the table, talking and eating seems to have become a habit Chinese. The street barbecue suitable dating couples and friends dinner, or have a rest, just eat, Wuhan city is a very popular street barbecue grill! Complete their food safety control, double heating barbecue unique design completely guarantee the original food delicious! Street barbecue not only traditional barbecue vegetables, also increased the number of the "dishes", particularly unique large chunks of fresh mutton barbecue is a highlight of the shop, the meat fresh, fine, tender, and unique taste, has been praised by the vast number of consumers. read more

since the founding of new China, with the reform and opening up, China’s economy has been rapid development. However, within the bureaucracy, a series of corruption issues are becoming increasingly serious. Sichuan still has 39 suspects at large, including the red list of 3 people wanted. Let’s look at the specific situation.

29, the reporter learned from the Sichuan Provincial People’s Procuratorate, after collaboration of various departments, Sichuan successfully persuaded to return to the ICBC (601398, stock it) Sichuan branch of the original staff, Zhu Zhenyu, etc.. But so far, there are still 39 suspects at large, including the red list of 3 people wanted. At present, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, the Sichuan Provincial People’s Procuratorate for handling units to pursuit the 39 suspects at large. read more

under the impact of the current electricity supplier, the store also how to survive? How can you make money? This is a lot of worries about the store owner. Traditional store into the Internet marketing is the trend. In fact, the traditional physical store ‘OCS’ is not difficult, through the integration of innovation, the same can radiate new vitality……"

2015 at the end of the day, Jiangxi province Qingyunpu District of Nanchang City Huimin supermarket boss Xiong Hui told reporters, under the impact of electricity providers, many traditional store business performance decline, closing phenomena have occurred, so the thinking of using the Internet to transform the traditional store management, it is particularly important. The couple Xiong Hui through the store, shop, micro shop complementary advantages, to achieve a good online and offline symbiotic symbiosis. read more

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  big brand has a very good brand effect and brand appeal, which to a certain extent, attracted a large number of consumer groups, venture capitalists to take advantage of entrepreneurship. Thus it can be seen that the brand strategy is very important for entrepreneurs, the following small series to introduce a successful business case.

"savage" with a distinctive market positioning and excellent visual identification system, unique mode of operation, has become the current food market darling. Over the years the company has established a complete market operation system and service support system. Together with a number of internationally renowned suppliers of raw materials, the formation of a stable source of raw materials procurement and logistics channels, build more entrepreneurial platform, and to ensure that every investor to achieve a more simple operation, steady earnings. read more

who said that entrepreneurship must be high-tech, or large projects such as vegetables can also oh. Business opportunities everywhere, you can not see the sharp smell. A couple in the United States has created enormous wealth by using vegetables.

Earthbound Farm is the nation’s largest organic products manufacturers, the annual sales of $five hundred million, with approximately 240 thousand acres of planting base and nearly 200 farmers, more than and 100 certified organic salad, fruits and vegetables, at the same time, Earthbound Farm also has a food safety system and no one can, known in america. read more